How Long Can Hard Boiled Eggs Sit Out

If you are on a strict diet, there is a high chance that your doctor has advised you to consume boiled eggs for all necessary proteins. Bodybuilders use boiled eggs to build their muscles.

Considering all this, you might think it will be better to boil and store eggs beforehand. This will save you from the efforts you need to make before consuming it.

There is no doubt that you can boil eggs in advance. However, boiled eggs are more vulnerable to bacterial spoilage and hygiene problems when compared to raw eggs. Knowing the correct methods and timeframe to store boiled eggs is important.

These methods are simple as you will require no specific piece of equipment. You must ensure that your procedure is exactly what we will elaborate on.

How long can hard-boiled eggs sit out?

Should I peel the boiled eggs?

The most confusing thing a person can face after boiling an egg is deciding whether to take the shell off the egg. It is a never-ending debate regarding convincing someone to either peel or not peel a boiled egg.

Keeping them unpeeled

The most appropriate thing to do with a boiled egg is not to crack or peel it until you are about to eat it. This will give the egg longer life as it prevents the moisture from escaping the egg.

Egg has a fair share of water content inside them. However, it gets dry when the shell is peeled off. This impacts the effectiveness of the nutrient content in the yolk and white.

An uncracked boiled egg can be stored anywhere as it has a low risk of contamination. It is less prone to bacterial attack. You can keep it in a bowl or a bracket. However, there are a couple of things that you must keep in mind.

First, you should try storing it inside the refrigerator. This will give it a long life. Second, stamping it so you do not confuse it with raw eggs is better.

Peeling them

We will only suggest peeling a boiled egg if it is necessary. Once the shell is cracked or removed, the egg is exposed to risks like dryness and bacterial action. To keep the egg moist, you will need to keep it inside a moist cloth.

Moisture in the cloth will provide a favorable condition where the taste will be preserved. Once you have placed it in a moist cloth, seal it in a container.

If you cannot find a cloth that you can moisten, then the next best method to store a peeled egg is to submerge it in water and store it inside a sealed container. Change the water daily to keep it fresh. Other than this, make sure that you store a peeled egg inside the refrigerator.

Should I refrigerate the boiled eggs?

If you want to store any food item, keep it inside the refrigerator. However, certain food items have better resistance when kept at room temperature. What about boiled eggs?

Keeping them unrefrigerated

Keeping boiled eggs at room temperature and avoiding refrigeration will be the biggest mistakes of your day. You should ensure that a boiled egg is stored inside the fridge by following the methods mentioned earlier.

If you still do not keep them inside the fridge then at least avoid peeling the shells. A boiled will have a life of a couple of hours. You should make sure that you consume peeled eggs as soon as possible.

Keeping them refrigerated

Boiled eggs are one of the most common and the richest source of protein. It also contains other nutrients that are essential to keep your body functioning in the right manner. If you keep boiled eggs at room temperature, there is a high risk of bacteria growing in them.

This happens because room temperature is a favorable condition for bacterial growth. Such a high risk of hygiene problems advocates the need to keep boiled eggs inside the fridge.

Are raw eggs less risky than boiled eggs?

Compared to raw eggs, boiled eggs are more vulnerable to bacterial infections. This might feel awkward and stupid at the same time, but things are not always how we perceive them. There are some reasons and studies that justify what we have just said.

We tend to believe that boiling is similar to sterilizing any food. We also believe that heat kills bacteria. However, certain things might get problematic if not done properly.

First, you should ensure that the eggs are boiled properly. This means that the yolk and white are well-cooked. Other than this, you should also prevent the eggs from developing cracks.

A boiled egg, when exposed to air, is vulnerable to bacteria. If you do not maintain the temperature, i.e., unrefrigerated, bacterial production becomes faster. The protective layer around a raw egg gets weakened when it is boiled.

What if the boiled eggs get cracked?

As we have mentioned above, it is better to keep the boiled eggs unpeeled. Shell is a protective layer that keeps the boiled egg isolated from the environment, so you should ensure it does not crack.

However, if the shell of your boiled egg is cracked, peel it entirely. Also, make sure that you apply all the methods that we have stated above for the peeled, boiled eggs.

One general guideline for storing peeled or cracked eggs is not to store them for long. It is preferable to consume them as soon as possible.

How to tell if the boiled eggs are rotten?

Now that we have established that a boiled egg can go bad, the next thing is to know the indicators regarding when a boiled egg rots. A rotten egg will have the following characteristics:

  1. It will stink, and the smell will be unbearable. If your fridge smells, check your eggs.
  2. The color of the yolk will be green.
  3. The egg will not taste good at all.

How to refrigerate boiled eggs?

If you store boiled eggs for the first time, you should know a few things. The procedure to store boiled eggs involves the following steps:

  1. Boil eggs in a normal manner.
  2. Make sure that the yolk and white are well cooked. There should be no crack in the shell.
  3. Once the eggs are boiled, let them rest for around 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Place the eggs in the fridge only when they reach room temperature.
  5. Follow all other precautions that we have mentioned above.

What happens when you refrigerate boiled eggs without letting them cool?

If you do not let the boiled eggs cool down before placing them inside the refrigerator, then there is a high probability that they will radiate heat. Radiations from a considerably large group of eggs will heat and spoil all the dishes placed near them.

Why boil eggs?

After reading about many complications surrounding the storage of boiled eggs, one might think he should skip eating boiled eggs and shift their focus to other food items. However, boiled eggs have a lot of health benefits that no other food can bring.

Gain protein, and lose weight.

The most commonly known benefit of an egg is that it has proteins. Boiled egg, more specifically, has the most saturated protein content. The boiled eggs provide almost no extra calories. This will help you stay lean and get control over your weight.

Should be consumed during pregnancy

Boiled eggs are the best kind of food that can be used during pregnancy. It can help develop the fetus in the mother’s womb. Boiled eggs will strengthen the infant’s teeth, bones, size, and weight.

No cholesterol

Has your doctor advised you to avoid oil? If yes, then you should consume boiled food. The best-boiled food is a hard-boiled egg. It is an ideal nutrition for heart patients and people suffering from blood pressure issues.

Maintaining the mental energy

Boiled eggs have a lot of protein and choline. This means it can help you keep your brain functioning and help it grow more. Brain growth is an important thing in teenagers.

Muscle building

Whether you are a bodybuilder or just an ordinary person growing daily, muscle growth is continuously happening inside your body. Muscle growth needs protein which is provided by boiled eggs.


Boiled eggs are one of the healthiest foods that you will come across. However, these eggs should only be boiled when you are about to consume them.

If you are planning an event or a gathering and know that you will not have the time to boil eggs, then it is better to go for the storage methods we stated above.

All the methods are tried and tested. Whatever we have explained is based on either scientific research or already-established facts. Make sure that you handle your boiled eggs with great care. Any negligence can either get them rotten or attacked by bacteria.

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