How to Troubleshoot an LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

Ice maker is an essential part of the LG refrigerator. These ice makers and other parts are usually durable and long-lived. Despite such a durable build, you can only expect them to run efficiently sometimes.

Ice maker is, after all, a machine, and machines are prone to performance issues at times. A faulty LG refrigerator ice maker might mean there are issues with many things.

There might be some problem with the ice maker or the water supply from where the ice maker received the water to freeze. In this article, we have compiled some of the most common problems that the ice maker might contain, and the solution to these problems is also discussed.

LG refrigerator ice maker is not working.

Diagnose the issue

The first thing that you need to do is to diagnose the ice maker. Ensure that the ice maker is malfunctioning and that there is no minor issue in the functionality. You have to run the ice maker through a test mode.

The procedure of entering a test mode will differ from ice maker to ice maker. However, there are two broad categories of LG refrigerator ice makers.

Category 1

The category one ice maker is the one that has a power button along with an ice tray fixed inside the compartment. When putting this ice maker through the test mode, you should first open the ice compartment by pulling the handle.

Next, you must remove the bucket and ensure the room is available for the procedure. Put a towel or cloth inside the ice compartment where the bucket was placed.

This towel will catch and soak anything that comes off the ice maker. An ice maker will either eject water or ice. Once the towel is placed inside the compartment, press and hold the test button for 3 to 5 seconds.

The tray in the ice maker will turn, and the residual ice or water will drop on the towel. The water filled inside the tray will range between 100 to 150 milliliters, so the towel will soak it quickly.

Category 2

Category two is entirely different from category one. It has no power button and trays inside. Open the ice compartment by pulling the door. Pull out the bucket from the compartment to ensure you have enough space to perform the procedure.

You need to put a towel in the ice compartment (where the bucket is placed). Even if you do not see a tray in this ice maker, you need a towel to absorb the spilled water.

These ice makers will either have a test button or a hole on the left side. You must put a sharp object in that hole and press it for 3 to 5 seconds to run the test mode.

When to perform the second test run

Before performing the first test run, ensure that your LG refrigerator runs for at least a couple of hours. You can perform one test run at a time. However, to perform a second test run, you should unplug the LG refrigerator for a minute before replugging it. Now you can perform the second test run.

The ice maker is not filling with water

Water filter

After running the diagnosis of the ice maker, you will know what the problem is. If you do not find water in the tray, then there is a high chance that the filter needs to be fixed. You must check the filter to ascertain why the water supply has been blocked.

The main issue with the filter inside the ice compartment of your LG refrigerator ice maker is that the filter is missing or it has not been correctly fitted inside the bracket.

The filter bracket will be inside the ice compartment, so you will face no issue locating it. You need to slide and twist the filter inside the bracket. Also, twist the dial to lock the bracket lid.

Inappropriate water pressure from the water source can also cause the filter to malfunction. The filter is connected to an external water source. Water from the source is filtered and then transferred to the ice maker. When you replace the water filter, the pressure from the water source usually requires adjustment.

If the pressure is too high, the water will spill on the floor of the ice compartment. You should rotate the valve to adjust the water pressure from the external source. It is better to keep the valve at a 45-degree angle. Once the degree is set, fill a large bowl from the dispenser to ensure the adjusted pressure gets going.

Inlet valve

Another component that often causes problems is the inlet valve. The inlet valve controls the water flow from the source to the ice maker. If the inlet valve is not working, there will be inconsistency in the water flow.

You can check the inlet valve with the help of a multimeter. If the multimeter beeps, then the valve is working. No reading will mean that the inlet valve is dead, and you must change it.

There are two inlet valves in the LG refrigerator. The inlet valve located at the back is the primary source of water. It will rarely fail as a fault in the rear inlet valve will also restrict the water supply to the dispenser. The other inlet valve is located on the left door. The issues mainly exist here, so you should check the secondary inlet valve first.

Water pipe

A water pipe is connected to the rear inlet valve, which is vital in the water supply. You should make sure that the pipe is not twisted or stressed physically. A twisted water pipe will restrict the supply flow of water.

Ice maker itself

If the test run fails on your ice maker and the tray does not move, then there is a high chance that the ice maker is not working and the motor has failed. A failed motor will require repair or replacement (depending on the condition of the motor).

Control board

If all of the above components operate and there is still a water supply restriction, the control board might not function correctly. You should press the reset button to get a general idea. The inability to perform the reset function will confirm that the control has expired.

Ice maker not producing ice.

If your ice maker is not working, then there is a high probability that the fan is malfunctioning. The fan is located inside the freezer compartment. It plays a vital role in freezing the water in the shortest time possible.

Your freezer will require at least -12 degrees Celsius to ensure freezing. This temperature is not possible to achieve if the fan is not working. A magnet on the strip is an easy test to check the fan. This will force the fan to rotate; a cold breeze will confirm that the fan is operating.

The best temperature to make ice in the LG refrigerator ice maker

The -20 degrees Celsius is perfect for producing a batch of solid ice. Ice starts freezing at -12 degrees Celsius, but you should opt for at least -20 degrees to make it quick.

You can change the temperature settings by pushing the “freezer” button. After pressing the button, you can toggle between the temperature settings.

Resetting the LG refrigerator ice maker

It is often quite technical to restart an electric appliance. However, LG has made resetting the ice makers in its refrigerators very simple. Unplug your LG refrigerator from the power outlet for around 30 seconds. Replug it, and you are all set to go.

Time required to make ice

LG refrigerator ice maker takes time to freeze water. If you have just purchased the LG refrigerator from the market, preparing ice will take around 24 hours.

The reason behind such delayed ice production is that the machinery requires continuous operation to work efficiently. If your LG refrigerator ice maker operates for 24 hours, it will take 2 to 3 hours to freeze water.


LG refrigerator ice maker is a day-to-day appliance enabling you to enjoy parties and family gatherings. A problematic ice maker will make life much more difficult for you, especially when you need more time to repair it.

Not all ice maker problems require repair. This article lists some prevalent factors that prevent your ice maker from freezing water. However, you should inspect and treat all these problems in the sequence that we have followed.

We do not recommend unscrewing or opening any part of your ice maker. Make sure that you perform a test run before taking any action. The test run will let you know what the real problem is. Once the problem is diagnosed, it is better to go for the simplest solution first.

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