How To Turn Off Flashing Clean Light On Mr. Coffee

Imagine returning from a tiring office routine to discover that your coffee maker will not let you prepare a cup. Things can get more frustrating if the same happens to you in the morning. Upon facing this problem every other day, people tend to consider giving up on Mr. Coffee Maker.

All electric appliances are vulnerable to breakdown. The Mr. Coffee Maker shows a clean light to tell you when to maintain or clean the device. The light may seem problematic or intimidating. However, the solution to this problem is simple because you can clean Mr. Coffee Maker quickly.

Why is my Mr. Coffee Maker’s clean light blinking?

You have cleaned your Mr. Coffee Maker, but the device repeatedly shows the same clean light. This means that the cleaning exercise performed by you needs to be increased. You must thoroughly clean the coffee maker to ensure your hygiene is not at risk.

Mr. Coffee Maker should be cleaned more than any other appliance in your home because the layer of contaminants gets deposited inside it. These layers of pollutants can cause a lot of problems.

They can impair the taste of your coffee (imagine sipping a salty or pungent coffee). These minerals also damage the internal components of your Mr. Coffee Maker. Furthermore, bacterias grow in an unclean coffee maker as the minerals provide a favorable habitat.

The Mr. Coffee Maker will show either one of the three color lights—Green (brew now), yellow (brew later), and red (clean now).

Can I reset my Mr. Coffee Maker to the factory default settings?

If you have cleaned Mr. Coffee Maker properly, but the device is erroneously blinking the clean light, then go with a reset. The resetting procedure is pretty straightforward. You need first to unplug the Mr. Coffee Maker from the power outlet. Press and hold the “restore” button.

Plug the coffee maker back into the power source without releasing the “restore” button. Keep holding it for around 10 to 15 seconds after plugging it in. Mr. Coffee Maker will get reset to the factory settings.

How should I clean my Mr. Coffee Maker?

There are two methods by which you can clean your coffee maker. Light cleaning is simple, but you must do it often. On the other hand, a deep clean is more effective in purifying the taste, but it can be done after every third month.

The light clean

  1. First, empty the Mr. Coffee Maker by drizzling the remaining coffee in a drain. Remove the carafe or pitcher from the coffee maker. Wash it thoroughly with the help of soap and water. Once you have rubbed the carafe, let it rest for a few minutes before rinsing it with fresh water.
  2. The next component that you need to clean is the lid. The lid serves as one of the main parts that ensure insulation. It is vulnerable to contaminants as the water evaporates, and a residual layer is deposited on the lid. It also contains a spray head. It would be best if you started by cleaning it with the help of a sponge only. A soft sponge is mandatory because the lid is prone to scratches.
  3. The filter basket stores the ground coffee used to brew espresso. You should pull out the filter basket and then empty it. Next, you need to clean it thoroughly with water and soap. Rinse it with fresh water and put it back on.
  4. You should clean the outer body of Mr. Coffee Maker with a soft cloth or a sponge. Make sure that you wipe the base and LED panel. Soak the water remnants with a dry and soft towel.

The deep clean

  1. Unplug Mr. Coffee Maker from the power outlet to ensure you are safe. Also, ensure that water, vinegar, and soap are available in your kitchen before proceeding. Vinegar is an ideal chemical agent that helps form thick foam using hard water.
  2. Detach the carafe from the coffee maker and pull out the filter. Empty them if any residual coffee or ground is remaining inside. Wash both the components with hot water and soap solution. It is better to use a sponge to ensure the body is not scratched.
  3. Use vinegar to clean the deposited minerals. Vinegar is acidic, so it can react with the primary minerals to make cleaning easier. Let the vinegar rest on the mineral for several seconds. Rub the mineral deposits and wash them with hot water.
  4. Mr. Coffee Maker also has a self-cleaning feature. You must pour the soap solution into the filter basket and press the “select” button. This will activate the self-clean function, and the interior will get clean. Self-clean can take around an hour.
  5. Once all this is done, perform the last part of the cleaning process. Empty the carafe when the self-clean is complete. Pour clean water inside the filter basket and initiate a brewing cycle. When multiple brewing cycles are complete, you can move forward with cleaning the carafe with fresh water.

How long will it take for a self-clean to complete?

Self-clean is a handy feature that allows you to clean even the most non-accessible parts. A self-clean will take around 50 to 60 minutes to complete. Make sure that you are patient throughout the process.

Do not plug the machine for a smooth completion of the self-clean. Moreover, you should wash the carafe and filter thoroughly so that the soapy smell does not remain.

Mr. Coffee Maker still needs to be fixed.

Despite all your efforts, if Mr. Coffee Maker would not stop blinking the clean light, you should consider another channel to make it work. Check the remaining warranty period to return the unit to the manufacturer. This device has a one-year warranty, so you should not worry about it initially.

You should engage Mr. Coffee’s support staff to solve a significant problem. However, it is better to spend money than to be sorry in the future.

What should you keep in mind while performing the cleaning process?

  1. Do not plug the coffee maker, mainly when the deep clean is performed. Also, ensure the plug does not get wet while cleaning the device. This can prove to be very dangerous.
  2. Avoid using strong soaps with concentrated taste and smell. A strong soap will deteriorate the taste when you start brewing after the cleaning process.
  3. Keep repeating the cleaning process if the mineral deposit is tough. It will take time to break through.
  4. If you reset the coffee maker, you must ensure it remains plugged into the power outlet. If you unplug it, the whole process will start again.
  5. Clean the coffee maker after 90 cycles. The frequency of your cleaning routine will depend on your usage. It will help you maintain a premium taste. The machine will remain functioning for a long time. Moreover, it is effective in tackling hard water issues.
  6. You can try several substitutes if you cannot find vinegar in your kitchen. You can use salt and ice on the inner portion of the carafe. Make sure that you do not scrub it on components that are prone to scratches. Moreover, baking soda and lemon juice are also effective in eliminating minerals.
  7. You can use borax or hydrogen peroxide to clean the coffee maker more effectively. However, we suggest keeping it simple.
  8. Alcohol is another cleaning substitute that you can use to wash the Mr. Coffee Maker.

How frequently should I wash the Mr. Coffee Maker?

You should clean Mr. Coffee Maker every month. This applies to the light clean. Clean the residual ground inside the filter basket and the residual layer of minerals on the lid and carafe.

A deep clean should be performed every quarter and every third month. A deep clean will help you maintain the quality of coffee that you can prepare with the Mr. Coffee Maker.


Mr. Coffee Maker is a part of the routine of many people addicted to drinking coffee daily. It is hard to wait for the technician to come and diagnose the coffee machine when it is reluctant to prepare even a cup. However, the clean light on Mr. Coffee Maker depicts that you have to clean the compartments and components.

We know it sucks when you wake up and the coffee maker is not working. As mentioned in our article, you can avoid this situation by performing light or deep cleaning. The light cleaning is simple to perform as you will need nothing but a sponge and soap water. However, a deep clean is also necessary for every quarter. A deep clean includes washing the components and even performing a self-clean.

It is recommended to read the necessary precautions that we have mentioned above. Ensure you follow these precautions for your and your coffee maker’s safety. It is better not to unscrew any unwanted parts. The things we have mentioned are enough to let you eliminate clean light. You will not need to do any other technical unscrewing.


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