Inexpensive Ways To Cover A Chain Link Fence

Using a chain link fence around your lawn or garden is one of the most affordable and durable options to enhance security. However, a secure fence does not necessarily mean it will provide privacy.

There are gaps between wires that expose everything that is happening inside the fenced area. On the bright side, there are several ways in which you can cover the chain link fence.

When you surf online stores for a solution to this problem or visit the nearest market, you will know that solving the privacy problem in the chain link fence is expensive. It is often very hard to find an inexpensive way to cover the chain link fence so that your neighborhood does not know what you are doing inside your home.

We have compiled some of the most affordable ways to let you live a private life inside the chain link fence. All these methods are simple to install and understand. People with a low budget will love what we are about to explain, so join us to learn what you are missing.

Inexpensive Ways To Cover A Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence Slab

Chain link fences mostly have large openings. These openings can be utilized to fit in something to make it more opaque. This “something” is a group of tall, durable slabs manufactured by many renowned companies worldwide.

What could be easier than sliding a slab between the openings in your chain link fence? No permanent connection is required to hold the slab in place. The installation process is very simple but will take a long time, so you will need a couple of people to help you.

The chain link fence slabs are durable as they last over a decade. This is because they are covered by polyethylene (resistant to weather damage). You can even apply paint on these slabs to make them more compatible with the exterior of your house. When you need to replace a slab or two, you must pull the faulty piece out and slide in a new one.

Chain link fence slabs are on the list of inexpensive covers available for your chain link fence, but they still cost you more than other organic options, which we will discuss later in the article. They provide you with a solid 80 to 85 percent of coverage.

Wire mesh

Wire mesh is another handy material you can fix around the chain link fence to make it more private. There are openings inside the mesh to let the air and water get through it. This permeable layer makes it the preferable option for fencing in windy areas. Wire mesh is ideally made of water-resistant polypropylene.

It is easy to install as there are bronze grommets on the edges. You can use a zip tie to fix it to the chain link fence. This ensures a convenient attachment and detachment from the fence.

Wire mesh looks less attractive and cheap for those who want aesthetic fences. This is why mesh wires are used at factories, construction sites, sporting courts, workshops, and schools. These meshes are available in a variety of colors. You can purchase your favorite color, but the feel is less aesthetic than other coverage options. Wire mesh has 80 to 90 percent coverage, making you live or do your work privately.

Bamboo screen

The bamboo screen is the first organic fence cover option discussed in this article. This screen is as natural as it gets. It is the best solution for those who like to keep everything natural or want to cover their garden or lawn with a more relevant cover.

The bamboo screen is very simple to install since you will need bamboo sticks and wire to fix it. Before installation, you should cut the bamboo sticks from the nodes. If not, there is a high chance of an open compartment inside the stick where the rainwater will get stored.

When the water gets stored, the bamboo sticks will erode quite understandably. Once you have arranged the right bamboo sticks, fix them on the ground and tire the bottom and top row of sticks with a loop of wires. This installation process is time-consuming but simple.

As we have already mentioned, bamboo screens are vulnerable to damage. It will deteriorate quicker than other synthetic options because the material is organic. It will get cracked in harsh climatic conditions and eventually decompose. The bamboo screen also provides you with 80 to 90 percent of coverage. This coverage will feel a lot more aesthetic than the former options.

Reed screen

Reed screen is a more convenient and lighter version of a bamboo screen. Reed screen is a lightweight sheet that you can fix quickly on the chain link fence. It provides you with the cheapest solution for your privacy problem. The lightness of its weight and foldability make it a lot more convenient to carry while traveling.

The Reed screen will give your chain link fence a natural look, making it very aesthetic. However, there are some downsides to availing of the cheapest coverage option. Reed screen is organic, so it deteriorates quicker than any other material. It is thin and fragile, so extreme weather conditions will tear it apart.

Reed screen will provide you with 80 to 90 percent of privacy coverage. However, the thing that makes it distinct from other fencing materials is the ability to carry it inside the car trunk. Now you can ensure privacy in any resort or farmhouse you stay in.

Wooden fence

A wooden fence is the most secure cover for your chain link fence. The wooden fence is a durable cover that complements and protects your chain link fence like no other substitute.

Wooden fences are durable as the manufacturers usually make the planks with high-quality wood that sustain harsh climates. You need to make sure that you take proper care of it. Besides this, you can apply water-resistant sealant on the wooden planks to ensure that small pores are closed and the water does not seep inside the wood.

Installing a wooden fence is a challenging thing to do. You will require a lot of tools to ensure a durable and effective connection to the chain link fence. This is why hiring a professional to help you with the installation is always better.

You can ask the professional for vertical or horizontal alignments of the wooden planks. You also need to ensure no legal issues with installing a wooden fence, as it provides 100 percent privacy.

How to maintain a chain link fence?

We have mentioned the methods to make your chain link fence more private and the ways to maintain all those covers. However, the chain link fence also requires repair to support the covers. Here are some short tips to keep your chain link fence strong and new:

  1. Apply rust-resistant sprays on the chain link fence to protect it from moisture. Yearly application is sufficient, but the bottom might require more care because it is exposed to moisture from the grass.
  2. Do not grow plants near the chain link fence. Plants can grow from the most unexpected direction so that a new branch can lift or tear through the chain link fence.
  3. Clean your chain link fence with soap and water. A strong ejection from the hose can do the job for you.
  4. Regularly repair and maintain the chain link fence to keep it secure throughout. A damaged fence is vulnerable to animal attacks.
  5. Do not climb on the chain link fence. It might be a shortcut to getting outside, but you will regret it. Climbing on a chain link fence will damage it, or you will get hurt.

Why are chain link fences important to lawns and gardens?

People often ask why they should fix a chain link fence around their lawn even after knowing it is vulnerable to privacy issues. There are many things that the chain link fence will bring. We have listed and explained a few:

  1. Affordability – Chain link fences are more affordable than traditional options. They are lightweight, so there is minimal metallic density. Lower density means less metal is used to construct wires, which means you have to pay less for chain link fences. When you compare these fences with traditional wooden fences, affordability is surely something you will admire first.
  2. Security – Chain link fences are among the best security-providing fences on the market. The wires might seem thin, but they can sustain heavy hits from running animals, bikes, and wind gusts. The chained design allows the wires to absorb the heaviest hit by spreading the impact over a wide area.
  3. Durability – As we have just mentioned, the chain link fences can mitigate the heavy impact by spreading it over the chained network of wires. This makes it tough and durable. Moreover, the polyethylene layer makes it more resistant to rust.
  4. Repair and maintenance – Chain link fences are easy to maintain because you can wash them with a hose. It is easy to replace the damaged part of the fence, and it is cheap as well.


Chain link fences are lightweight and fragile-looking. However, they are incredibly durable and cheap. These fences bring great value for an affordable price but have privacy issues (as stated and explained in our article).

You can use the chain link fence to mark the boundary and ensure the lawn is secure for a cheap cost. Once that is done, there are several ways that we have explained already to enhance the privacy of your home.

You will hear a lot of suggestions from people. Some of those suggestions will either be expensive or far from being realistic. It is often hard to find something that will help you enhance security at an affordable cost.

In our article, all the methods we have mentioned will work perfectly. An affordable chain link fence cover will overcome the only inherent flaw of the chain link fence. There are many benefits that the chain link fence brings, so do not avoid it because of privacy issues.


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