Samsung Dryer is Not Heating Up

Dryers are as important to you as washing machines in this day and age. They provide the luxury of drying your clothes in just a few minutes. However, dryers are prone to breakdowns when you do not maintain them.

Is your Samsung dryer not heating all of a sudden? This article is written for you even if your dryer is working but occasionally breaks down. Imagine washing your clothes on Sunday evening, and then you know that the dryer is not working and you do not have anything to wear on Monday morning.

There can be various reasons why your Samsung dryer is not heating. We have discussed all those reasons in this article and have suggested the best line of action. You should read through our suggestions and then try them on your own. There is a high probability that the issue will get resolved. 

Samsung Dryer Not Heating: What To Do When Samsung Dryer is Not Heating Up

Check the load


Do you need to be more active in putting small batches of clothes in your dryer? If yes, we already know that you will put many clothes inside your Samsung dryer (if not all). 

The problem arises when you put many clothes in the Samsung dryer, which come out wet again. Overloading your Samsung dryer restricts hot air circulation. The limited hot air flow means that only a few clothes will dry while the remaining will be wet. 


Fixing an overloaded Samsung dryer is easy. You need to remove a few clothes from the bucket. Please give it a run again. If the clothes come out dry, fill your dryer at its current capacity. 

Check the electric flow.


Electric appliances need electricity to function. The Samsung dryer is no exception to this rule. If your Samsung Dryer is not working, there is a high chance that the electric current will not pass through it. 

The most common indicator of this problem is that the machine will have no lights turned on. To diagnose your dryer, you should check the electric cables for any external damage. Fluctuation in electric current also affects the efficiency of a Samsung dryer. You should check the electric board to ensure that it is working properly. 

The best way to do this is to attach another electric appliance to the board and check if it works. Is the appliance working? If yes, then there is no problem. 


If the electric appliance does not work, then there is a problem with the electricity source. You should call a professional to check the electric connections in your home. We do not recommend repairing electric connections on your own. It can be dangerous if you do not have experience repairing electric wiring. 

Check the ventilation


Vents are installed inside the Samsung dryer to ensure that all the evaporated moisture gets filtered and lints are removed from the clothes. These vents are critical to the heating system as they help clean the dryer. 

You should check the vent hose for any blockage. Check the lint screen and the housing panel for all sorts of blockages. 


If you find any blockage in the vent hose, lint screen, or housing panel, then brushing it is best. Usually, cleaning the blocked area is simple. However, you can hire a professional if you need help understanding something.

Check the thermal fuse.


Like any other high-quality electric appliance, Samsung dryers have thermal fuses installed for safety purposes. When the voltage is too high for the appliance to handle and the wires get too hot, the wire inside the thermal fuse gets melted. The melted wire breaks the circuit, and the electric current stops flowing. This will save your appliance from catching fire. 


If you suspect that the thermal fuse is blown, then you should follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the Samsung dryer from the power source and switch it off. 
  2. Find the fuse compartment. The user manual will help you find it. It is usually located behind the bucket or the panel. 
  3. Once you have found the fuse compartment, open it to see if the thermal fuse is blown. 
  4. A blown fuse will look physically burnt or melted. If you cannot ascertain the physical condition, use a multimeter to check if it works. 
  5. Connect the multimeter to both terminals of the thermal fuse. Wait and check if the multimeter beeps.
  6. If it beeps, the fuse is perfectly fine; if it does not, replace it.
  7. Replacing a thermal fuse means connecting the new fuse to the wiring. 
  8. Calling a professional electrician if you have not gained prior experience is better.

Check the thermostat


The thermostat is an important component in any electric appliance with a heating or cooling system. A thermostat sends a signal to the heating system of the Samsung dryer when the temperature gets too hot or cold. You should make sure that the thermostat is working properly. If the fuse is blown, then there is a high chance that the thermostat will not be working. A thermostat malfunction is also something that you will encounter from time to time. 


If you think that the thermostat is not working properly, then you should follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the Samsung dryer from the power outlet and switch it off.
  2. Read the instruction manual and locate the thermostat. 
  3. Attach both ends of the thermostat wiring to the multimeter and check if it beeps.
  4. If it beeps, then it is fine. 
  5. No beep means that the thermostat is not working. 
  6. You can also try resetting the thermostat. 

Check the heating element.


A heating element is the main heat source installed inside the Samsung dryer. In any electric appliance that runs on a heating system, you will find a heat source that does the job. If everything else works fine, you should see if the heating element works. 


Steps to check the heating element:

  1. Please switch off the Samsung dryer and unplug it from the power source. 
  2. Check the user manual to locate the heating element. It might also be referred to as a heating coil.
  3. Unscrew the housing and remove the coil frame to expose the heating element. 
  4. If the heating coils are melted or damaged, you should replace them. 
  5. It is better to hire a technician for this.
  6. Ensure the coil bracket and the housing are fixed again on the heating coil. 

Samsung dryer not heating sufficiently.

Sometimes the Samsung dryer will operate, but you will feel it needs to perform better. The indicator of insufficient heating is that the dryer will take a lot of time to dry the clothes. There are several reasons due to why it can happen.

Eco Dry Mode

If you own the newer model of Samsung dryer, then it is expected that the company has integrated it with an Eco Dry mode. As the name suggests, Eco Dry is a heating mode where the Samsung dryer will lower the heating intensity. This mode effectively adds to the list of features because it can reduce your electricity bill. 

If your Samsung dryer is not heating efficiently, you should ensure that the Eco Dry mode is turned off. Users usually think that their dryer is faulty, but in reality, the Eco Dry mode restricts the temperature intensity. 

The link filter

As we mentioned in the article, the lint filter gathers all the residual lint on your laundry. This filter tends to get blocked over time. You should ensure the lint filter is properly brushed and the residual lint is removed. A layer of lint on the filter will restrict the efficiency of your Samsung dryer.

Exhaust vent

The exhaust vent needs to be cleaned after every 5 to 6 months. You should ensure that the exhaust vent does not get clogged so that moisture and unwanted residue can escape the bucket. The heating system will be affected if the exhaust vent is blocked or semi-blocked.

To make sure that the exhaust vent is working fine, you would make sure that the following things are taken care of:

  1. The exhaust pipe should be properly sealed to prevent spilling. 
  2. The exhaust pipe should consist of the material with which the Samsung dryer is usually compatible. 
  3. The exhaust pipe should be, at most, the maximum length mentioned by the company in the instruction manual. 
  4. Ensure the exhaust pipe is turned 45 degrees instead of twisting it 90 degrees. 
  5. The pipe must not be compressed, so the opening to escape water is blocked physically. 

Call customer support.

If nothing helps, call customer support to diagnose the issue restricting your dryer’s heating efficiency. Customer support will cost you money, but they are the most reliable people to trust on. 


Samsung appliances cost more than any locally manufactured electric appliance on the market. Samsung does not enjoy the high selling price by earning profits only. The company delivers some of the most value-adding dryers capable of outperforming any other product. 

Being an efficient machine does not mean the Samsung dryer will never malfunction. If you do not handle the Samsung dryer appropriately, it will likely underperform or stop working. 

The methods mentioned in our article should be followed in the advised sequence. You should always try making it work without unscrewing a component from the Samsung dryer. You should hire a technician for all sorts of unscrewing if you do not know how to do it. 


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