Splendid Spoon vs Hungryroot

The food industry is saturated with different kinds of food delivery services. The most common that you would find on the internet are plant-based meal providers.

Following this general trend, the Splendid Spoon and the Hungryroot are two of the most commonly used vegan food delivery services. There are certain things that you would most certainly like about these companies.

The ease of usage, simple ordering, and convenient meal selection are a few of the most lovable features of the corresponding websites. You will experience many similarities in both services; however, many differences set both services apart from one another.

You would find the meals and ordering mechanism unique and easy simultaneously. The delivery specs, along with the packaging, are environmentally friendly. There are numerous other aspects that you should pay attention to.

All this information and a detailed comparative review of the Splendid Spoon and Hungryroot are written in the article below. This article is the only solution if you are a prospective buyer searching for the best food delivery service. So without any further delay, let’s jump right into it.

Splendid Spoon vs. Hungryroot: Which is better?


The objectives of both companies overlap to some extent. The Splendid Spoon delivers pre-cooked food, which is all vegan, to ensure that the consumers receive a fresh batch of organic and gluten-free.

The prices are higher than other competitors; however, the company focuses on maintaining the quality of ingredients. The goal is to save time by wasting on cooking food rather than enjoying it.

The Hungryroot is almost identical with regard to providing consumers with plant-based meals that are free from gluten and dairy ingredients. The prices are low to ensure that most consumers can afford them. However, it takes time to prepare, so you must consider it before purchasing.

Signing up

The Splendid Spoon has a fairly simple signup procedure. You will require an email address and the relevant zip code. This information can be used to contact you and deliver food to your doorsteps. This subscription service means that your orders are automatically placed until you have amended them.

Signing up for the Hungryroot service is incredibly convenient. You need to add your basic information while going through the process. After adding the email, password, and other relevant information, the website will ask you several questions regarding what you like or demand.

The Hungryroot is a subscription, so you easily consider repeating the same order. The website customizes your initial order, which you can change afterward.


Meals at the Splendid Spoon is predominantly vegan and plant-based. There is no dairy product or GMO ingredient used to prepare these meals. The vegetables and fruits used are 95 percent organic. The Splendid Spoon provides customers with pre-cooked meals requiring minimal preparation.

However, most of the options are suitable for lunch and breakfast only. Vegan meals are gluten-free and contain low calories for all those consumers who prefer healthy food over snacks and junk.

The ingredients and nutritional content of each meal are mentioned on the website. You will find various portions of smoothies, bowls of vegan meals, soups, and noodles. A search option is integrated into the website to select options for a specific nutrient.

Conversely, the Hungryroot is more versatile than the Splendid Spoon, as you can find more add-ons and meal options than vegan meals. The company has a filter option incorporated into the website to search meals through serving size or ingredient. The classification can be based on gluten-free, keto, vegan, and vegetarian meals.

However, there is no perfectly pre-cooked meal offered by Hungryroot. It provides ingredients that require cooking for a few minutes (most likely under 15 minutes). There are recipes mentioned on the website, and you might also find a preparation guide inside the packaging. The ingredients are of high quality, but you might lack some minute components like salt and spices that you have to add on your own.


There is no clear sourcing information mentioned on the Hungryroot website; however, the company is committed to buying only the stuff from the suppliers who are needed. Any excess food is donated to the food bank to feed the poor and needy.

No artificial color, flavor, or non-organic component is used to prepare these meals. There is no such sourcing information on the Splendid Spoon website. However, the general assumption is that the company sells locally produced ingredients to benefit the farmers of the USA.


The Splendid Spoon has the perfect meal composition for weekly, biweekly, and monthly consumption. The food on offer is great for lunch and breakfast; however, you might not be impressed by the dinner’s suitability.

The Splendid Spoon is a subscription that automatically deducts charges from your bank account and delivers food to you at the specified date. You can cancel, pause, or skip your order by logging into your account. The Wednesday deliveries would allow amendments till Friday, while the Friday deliveries will allow the same till Sunday.

Ordering food from Hungryroot is very easy. Each order is served to support consumption for a week. The service provided by Hungryroot is a subscription. This means that an order, once placed, is repeated each week.

The company does allow skipping, canceling, or changing the order in the specified timeframe. There are numerous add-ons available to ensure versatile consumption.

The quantity is fulfilled for a week. You are offered several servings per meal. The incremental cost decreases with an increase in servings. Your orders start from 60 dollars for 6 servings (almost 10 dollars per serving).


Both companies have a wide delivery coverage where they dispatch food to 48 states (except Alaska and Hawaii). The structure of delivery charges is different for each service provider. The Splendid Spoon provides free delivery of all sorts of packages; however, the meal prices are high, so the impact of free delivery is ultimately transferred to the customers.

The Splendid Spoon sets the delivery timing to reduce carbon footprinting by effectively planning package deliveries. The packages are delivered on either Wednesday or Friday.

The Hungryroot allows customers to set their own delivery date. You can set any day of your choice because the company commits to deliver in 1 to 2 days. Moreover, the deliveries are free for over 70 dollars, and the prices are more affordable than the Splendid Spoon.


The impact caused by the Splendid Spoon on the environment is not as high as other substitutes in the market because the boxes are made of recyclable material.

The well-managed delivery schedule helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions because fewer trips are made per batch of orders. However, plastic packets are thin but less recyclable than we would prefer. Moreover, dry ice keeps it cool and chilled while in transit.

The boxes used to pack the Hungryroot orders are recyclable and biodegradable. The cooling paper contains enviro ice that is non-toxic and effective in maintaining the temperature.

Enviro ice can be discarded in the washbasin or used as a fertilizer for plants at home. Moreover, the food is packed inside plastic bags. This is the only feature we did not like about the Hungryroot packages.

Customer support

The consumer support at both companies is better than other food delivery providers. You will get seven days of customer support which is convenient for resolving all sorts of errors.

You can email both companies regarding any problem that you are facing. A text to the Hungryroot will also play a part in quick problem resolution. The Splendid Spoon does not provide a mobile number to call.

Blogs and extras

The Splendid Spoon has a separate blog section to help customers learn various methods to preserve, cook, and store fresh plant-based meals. The same information is available on the Hungryroot website inside the recipe portion.

You will also find some important information regarding your diet plan, so both companies’ websites tend to help you with your daily food routine.

However, Hungryroot has a mobile app that allows users to exercise all sorts of functions available on the main website. Splendid Spoon develops no such app.


The Splendid Spoon is a costly food delivery service. The high-end pricing is understandable as the ingredients are of superior quality, and the meals are almost precooked.

The preparation and selection of better ingredients make the meals more value-adding than in ordinary grocery stores. The breakup of cost per plan is as under:

Breakfast plan65 per weekFive smoothies.
Breakfast and lunch plan95 per weekFive smoothies and five bowls.
Breakfast, lunch, and daily reset135 per weekFive smoothies, five bowls, and five soups.
Breakfast, lunch, and large daily reset185 per weekFive smoothies, five bowls, five soups, and five noodles.

The Hungryroot meal plans are more affordable and budget-friendly than the substitute above. The plans start from a cost as low as 60 dollars per plan.

You can add 2 or 4 increments after the minimum order quantity. However, the incremental cost per serving reduces when going higher in quantity. The detailed cost analysis is as under:

Six servings9.99 dollars
Eight servings8.99 dollars
Ten servings8.75 dollars
Twelve servings8.49 dollars

Furthermore, the company offers a 30 percent discount on the first two orders. The prices are lower than the Splendid Spoon because the meals are not precooked and available in raw form, i.e., ingredients only.


One of the most prominent differences that you would find in both services is the meal composition. The Splendid Spoon meals are based on breakfast, lunch, and daily resets.

A defined number of smoothies, soups, bowls, and noodles per meal. On the other hand, Hungryroot has a serving order system that allows you to order an increment of two (starting from six servings).

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