Sun Basket vs Purple Carrot

Maintaining a perfect body is something tricky and cumbersome. Several YouTube videos recommend various proportions of food while performing regular exercise.

Sun Basket and Purple Carrot are one of those companies which offer great meals for vegans and fitness freaks. Most meals are gluten-free and low on calories to qualify for fitness food.

Sun Basket and Purple Carrot have a lot of things in common. The objective is to ensure that users control whatever they want to consume (keeping nutrients and calories in check). The meal kits and preprepared meals are the two main product lines. Now you can order whatever you want.

Whether it is a non-cooked meal kit or a pre-prepared meal that needs just a few minutes of heat. Numerous recipes are available with each meal to let the customer know the exact method of utilizing each ingredient.

While the provision of services and products might seem to overlap, there is a huge difference between the mode of providing these services. This article will list all the important aspects of the purchase and help you choose the most suitable option.

Sun Basket vs. Purple Carrot: Which is the best and why?


As the names suggest, Sun Basket and Purple Carrot revolve around selling plant-based meals and food to subscribers. The main idea is to make the cooking process simplers and fresher than ever. Sun Basket states that its main focus is to provide gluten-free food. Such food is each to digest and more affordable than other substitutes.

The name “Purple Carrot” is self-explanatory. The company sells plants to ensure that all consumers have cholesterol levels under control. Moreover, Purple Carrot’s website claims that 51 percent less water is consumed to prepare plant-based meals. The objective is overlapping, so you cannot differentiate the two companies based on what they aim to provide.


Signing up for Sun Basket and Purple Carrot is as simple as any other online food-serving website. Sun Basket asks you numerous questions to address your preferences, such as whether you want a meal kit or a fresh & ready package, how many meals you want, or how many servings you want a per meal.

On the other hand, Purple Carrot inquires about the number of meals and servings you need. You can use the ‘Simple35’ promo to claim a 35% discount after you sign in for the first time.

Both services are subscriptions, meaning you will receive your package on a fixed day. A subscription is convenient as you do not have to open the website every week to order your food.


The Sun Basket menu is dynamic, as you would find different meals every week. The meal kits have a specific page on the website for recipes, ingredients, and a photo of when the meal is prepared.

The same information is available as a card when the food is delivered to your door. The recipes are simple to follow, and the instructions are well-written. The website has a different classification for each meal (depending on the time it takes to prepare). The speedy meals take around 20 minutes at maximum to prepare.

Pre-prepared meals need cutting and involve a three-step preparation method. Most meals contain low calories and are gluten-free to keep you fit and healthy. There are numerous add-ons available to engage a variety of different users. You will find 46 meals on the website.

The Purple Carrot has a dynamic menu like its contemporary; however, there are recommendations to make your choice timely and convenient. Like Sun Basket, you will find meal kits and heat & eat food on the Purple Carrot website.

You can access the meals and recipe pages without signing up for the service. The recipes and tips are available on the website but you will not find them inside your package.

There are various add-ons available such as breakfast and dessert items; however, these items are also on rotation. The nutritional value offered by each item is mentioned on the packaging as well as on the website. There are 46 to 50 items that you can buy at the Purple Carrot store.


Both companies’ websites have clear sourcing details to let people know the source from where the ingredients are ordered. The companies purchase locally grown produce from farmers in the USA. Almost all the ingredients are organic and healthy. Benefiting local farmers is the foremost priority you would expect.


Sun Basket sends meals to the subscribers depending on their previous choices, but a customization window is allowed to change the order. The deadline for making amendments to the order is usually Wednesday at noon. You can order a maximum of eight numbers per meal.

However, before ordering, you should know that one meal kit serves two people while a fresh & ready meal serves one person only. Changes can be made to the order, an unwanted order can be skipped, or a subscription can be canceled using the website.

When it comes to the Purple Carrot has a recommendation mechanism to help you with ordering. You can select other options too. The dynamic menu also makes ordering enjoyable and less repetitive.

Meal kits have two or more servings, while the meals are served only for one person. It is simple to skip an order or cancel the subscription. The website also remembers your information to welcome you upon return.


Delivery specs are different in each of the two companies under discussion. The Sun Basket has a shipping cost of 7.99 dollars and is free for orders over $90 dollars.

The website allows you to set your own delivery day to make the process more convenient than ever. You can choose between Sunday and Thursday. The delivery is available in 46 states only. This factor is an important thing to consider if you live far apart.

The Purple Carrot has delivery charges between 5.99 and 11.99 dollars. The food is expected to reach your home between Monday and Wednesday. However, the biggest hurdle you would face is that the company sets the delivery date on its own.

The company does so to prevent excessive consumption of fossil fuels. Better planned delivery routes reduce carbon footprinting. The service is available in 48 different states except for Alaska and Hawaii. You will receive an email and tracking details regarding when you will receive your package.


Packaging is an important thing to consider, especially because it plays a crucial role in ecological sustainability. Most packaging is recyclable in meals delivered by both Sun Basket and Purple Carrot. The Sun Basket package is kept inside a biodegradable box.

Furthermore, you will find an insulation paper sheet or cotton denim depending on the temperature prevailing at your location. You will find ice packs to keep the food fresh and ripe. However, there is excessive use of plastic, so it can be difficult to recycle.

The Purple Carrot is as insulated as its contemporary. Each ingredient is grouped inside a plastic bag to make it easy for the consumer. Plastic containers are used to seal oils and sauces. The same plastic recycling problem can be a headache; however, the box and paper wraps are biodegradable.

Blogs and extras

You will find blogs, recipes, tips, and tricks on each website. This ensures that the users know how to handle and preserve their food effectively. The use of blogs has been a trend in the food market for a long time. However, Sun Basket has a mobile app, while Purple Carrot has no such app to allow easier access.

This makes Purple Carrot a pain because you will find the recipes on the website only. Since you do not have a mobile app available, you would have to carry a laptop to the kitchen (which is inconvenient).

Customer support

Delivering an order is not everything a customer demands from a service provider. Each company mentioned in our article has considerate and effective customer support. The websites have the on-site chat option incorporated to make real-time discussions to resolve queries.

Furthermore, phone numbers and email can also be used to ask questions and share problems. However, the Sun Basket website has an expert panel to plan your diet effectively and ensure that you order an appropriate meal.


The meal kits are divided into two main categories. There is a couple of portion where two servings are sold, while the family section provides four servings per meal. The cost per serving varies in each category. Family servings have more affordable prices as the economy of scale plays a part. The breakup is as under:

2 meals13.99 per meal10.99 per meal
3 meals11.99 per meal10.99 per meal
4 meals10.99 per meal10.99 per meal

Using Sun Basket, you can order up to eight fresh and ready meals. These meal plans need mere heat, and you are good to go. There is just one serving available in this category.

The incremental cost per meal reduces with additional meals per week. The detailed structure of the cost is shown below. However, these costs might change on the company’s behalf.

4 meals per week11.99 dollars per meal
5 meals per week11.99 dollars per meal
6 meals per week9.99 dollars per meal
7 meals per week9.99 dollars per meal
8 meals per week8.99 dollars per meal

The Purple Carrot has several meal plans in meal kits where you can find two or four servings per meal. The quantity is sufficient to accommodate a minor in each serving of two. A detailed cost analysis of the meal kit is as under:

3 meals2 servings72 dollars per week
4 meals2 servings96 dollars per week
2 meals4 servings80 dollars per week
3 meals4 servings120 dollars per week

However, prepared meals normally cost less because these are served to one person only. The cost breakup is as follows:

6 meals1 serving78 dollars per week
8 meals1 serving104 dollars per week
10 meals1 serving130 dollars per week


Sun Basket and Purple Carrot are almost identical in providing services and meals to their customers. You will find several handy features such as subscription and clear & easy-to-perform instructions. The meal structure is also the same as meal kits and prepared meals sold on the website.

There are some minor differences that you should know before registering yourself on the website(s). The first recognizable differences are the delivery specs. The Sun Basket allows its user to set the delivery time, while this convenience is missing in the Purple Carrot.

Other than this, Purple Carrot delivers in 48 states compared to 46 states that its contemporary covers. The delivery costs at the Sun Basket are flat until completely waived off on orders over 90 dollars. The delivery charges at Purple Carrot vary between 5.99 and 11.99 dollars.

Moreover, Sun Basket has a mobile app, while Purple Carrot lacks such support. The Purple Carrot also lacks a recipe card inside the package, which can be inconvenient as you do not have a mobile app to carry the recipes.

We recommend going with the Sun Basket as it is more convenient, affordable, and flexible. You might not like semi-nonrecyclable packaging, but it is what it is.

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