Trifecta Nutrition vs Freshly

There are numerous diet-oriented companies on the internet nowadays. You would find several websites with various proportions of diet plans.

Freshly and Trifecta Nutrition are two of the most commonly visited websites for diet planning. However, many people do not know the main difference between the two services.

Most people think dieting is all about eating plants and salad, but this is the half-truth. A balanced diet requires an ideal proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in a dish. Trifecta Nutrition and Freshly plan several meals according to what you might need and then supply those to your home.

Freshly is a simple website with a limited but healthy set of options available. On the other hand, Trifecta Nutrition has numerous meals that you can choose from. Classification and planning are generally easy on Trifecta Nutrition when we compare it with Freshly.

In this article, we will compare both Trifecta Nutrition and Freshly. After reading our review, you can ascertain the service that suits your usage and consumption.

We recommend reading our article and choosing one of the two services as both have an adequate impact on your body to keep it slim and fit.

Trifecta Nutrition vs. Freshly: Which is better and why?


Trifecta Nutrition and Freshly might overlap when considering the objective they strive to achieve. However, there is a clear difference between the two brands. Trifecta Nutrition focuses more on providing customers with a fixed proportion of nutrients per meal.

As you can ascertain from the marketing campaigns, Trifecta Nutrition targets athletes and other fitness freaks. It enables you to track your macronutrient intake like never before.

On the other hand, Freshly concentrates on reducing gluten intake. All the meals offered are gluten-free to keep you fit and slim. It focuses on reducing carbohydrate consumption and maintaining a sufficient protein level inside the body.


Signing up for both websites is simple and prompt, as you need an email address and a zip code of your location to start. Once the registration is done, you can select your favorite meal. After that, once the order is confirmed and the delivery date is set, you will receive a batch of your meal every week.

The weekly subscription applies to both companies. The bank automatically deducts the subscription fees weekly, but you can cancel or skip depending on the remaining in the next delivery. The subscription is auto-renewing, so you should not worry about that.


Starting with Trifecta Nutrition, you get the best meals for your fitness routine 24/7. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are available to fulfill your needs. The sourcing information for each meal is available on the website. There is information available regarding the ingredients and nutrients. There are five classes of meals that you can order.

  1. Classic – contains proteins, grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  2. Keto – has a lower level of carbohydrates, but the healthy fat proportion is high.
  3. Paleo – contains no grain or dairy product.
  4. Vegan – consists of only plants with no egg or meat alternative.
  5. Vegetarian – made of plants, eggs, and meat alternatives.

The dietary nutrients provided by each class are definite. Trifecta Nutrition focuses on maintaining strict control over the calories offered by each meal. The calorie breakup is as under:

  1. Classic – 500 cal (38g proteins, 20g fats, 42g  carbohydrates)
  2. Keto – 500 cal (35g proteins, 35g fats, 9g  carbohydrates)
  3. Paleo – 400 cal (32g proteins, 20g fats, 23g  carbohydrates)
  4. Vegan – 425 cal (20g proteins, 16g fats, 50g  carbohydrates)
  5. Vegetarian – 425 cal (20g proteins, 16g fats, 50g  carbohydrates)

When analyzing the meals menu provided by Freshly, we found just 60 static dishes. The menu does not change, apart from a rare seasonal variation. The menu is full of meals containing healthy ingredients and gluten-free nutrients. There is no customization available, but you should know that all the meals a low on calories with just four classes which are as under:

  1. Purely plant-containing plants (veggies and fruits) only.
  2. Signature collection – a mix of plants and meat.
  3. FreshlyFit is made for fitness freaks who prefer protein, meat, or meat alternatives.
  4. Protein & sides contain proteins and other side meals but are limited in number.

Each meal’s amount of calories varies, but you should consider some important aspects of Freshly meals. There is no dairy ingredient involved in preparing the food. The carbohydrates are low as compared to proteins and other nutrients.

However, the most important feature you would find common in each meal is that they are easy to cook and consume. These meals come in plastic trays that require a 3 to 5-minute round in the microwave, and you are good to go.

Sourcing info

Trifecta Nutrition provides detailed information about the sourcing of each meal. Almost all the stuff is wild-caught and fresh, which is mentioned on the website. The ingredients are all local and organic, so you benefit farmers in the USA.

No genetically modified product exists, so you should not worry about that. On the other hand, Freshly provides no such information to the buyers. However, they have a specific page for each meal where you study the ingredients.

Ordering method

Trifecta Nutrition is an expert in preparing the best nutrition-oriented order for you. Once the order is selected from the abovementioned options, the website remembers what you like, and the next order is a replica of what you ordered.

You can choose the kind of meal and the number of meals. You can also track the allergen details and avoid allergens when ordering. However, Trifecta Nutrition does not allow you to exclude more than two items for the mentioned purpose. You can skip and change your order by logging in to your account on the website.

Moreover, the company takes around seven days to incorporate changes. To cancel your subscription, you have to call customer support seven days before your delivery.

Ordering food from Freshly is as simple as ordering food on any other grocery website. There are five different plans available where you order 4 to 5 meals, 6 to 7 meals, 8 to 9 meals, 10 to 11 meals, and 12 meals per week. The class of categories of meals is already mentioned in our article.

You can study the ingredients to ensure that the meal does not include any substance you are allergic to. You can easily cancel, skip, or amend your order on the website. The canceling process is not as time taking as Trifecta Nutrition. However, you would face a major problem: Freshly provides a single-person serving per order.

Delivery and packaging

With Trifecta Nutrition, you should not worry about your delivery because the company mostly delivers on Fridays and Saturdays. The company sets the delivery time to manage the movement of meals across the USA effectively.

The packets are vacuumed to ensure that the food is free from all sorts of microorganisms in the air. The boxes are biodegradable and contain a set of ice bags (or other similar stuff) to keep them cold.

Freshly allows you to select the day of delivery. You can set it as quickly as two days only. On the other hand, you can also book an order three weeks in advance. Freshly cares a lot about the food that it delivers. The food is kept inside a hard plastic tray covered with a thin plastic sheet.

The food is then packed inside biodegradable boxes. Shipping is available everywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii. You only have to note the delivery cost and the amount of non-degradable stuff (such as plastic) used to pack the food.


Trifecta Nutrition is overpriced as compared to other substitutes. The reason behind such high-end prices is the amount of effort the company puts into preparing an ideal meal. The cost you have to bear depends on the plan and the number of meals you order.

The cost break-up is simple to get a hold of. One meal per day or seven meals per week costs 108 dollars for all the meals except vegan and vegetarian meals, which cost 91 dollars.

Ordering two meals a day for a week will cost 210 dollars. However, ordering three meals a day for a week will cost 300 dollars for all meals except vegan and vegetarian, which cost 226 dollars.

Freshly has better rates where the cost increases with the number of meals you order. However, the incremental cost per meal decreases considerably. However, one of the biggest issues you would face is whooping delivery costs, which can sometimes be problematic. The breakup of costs is as follows:

Meals per weekCost of mealsDelivery charges
4 to 5 meals per week11.796.99
6 to 7 meals per week9.996.99
8 to 9 meals per week9.498.99
10 to 11 meals per week9.2910.99
12 meals per week8.9911.99

Blog & community factor

Trifecta Nutrition and Freshly follow the trend that is becoming more and more popular in the food industry. The respective companies’ websites have a blog section to inform people about the tricks to preserve food and design their diet better.

You will find several recipes that will help you cook a healthy meal at your home. Mobile apps also help you order food, track delivery time, choose meals, or perform other steps. Both companies value their customers and community by addressing their issues via email, calls, on-site chat, and blog posts.

Maintaining good customer relationships is necessary, especially in the fitness diet industry, where customers demand specific diet plans to remain fit.


There is no such winner or loser in this comparison. Freshly is a gluten-free food provider that ensures that carbohydrate consumption is as minimal as possible. This makes Freshly the best option available for those who are intolerant to gluten.

The menu is static, so you always know what you are buying. There is a lot of information on the website to keep you updated on what ingredient is used in a specific meal.

Delivery is available almost everywhere in the USA, and users can set their own delivery time depending on their needs and convenience. However, many consumers often dislike limited options and high delivery costs.

Trifecta Nutrition is an all-rounder in fitness and a balanced diet. It has some of the best thought-out plans where you would find five different classes of food. The delivery is prompt, and the packaging is excellent. The subscription model is convenient as you will receive an uninterrupted supply of consistent meals.

The prices are higher, and the cancellation can be a problem, but you have to compromise on something. It is a great service for all those who prefer simple solutions for their dietary plans.

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