How Do I Reset My LG Refrigerator Ice Maker?

LG refrigerators are one of the top of the line refrigerators with an inbuilt ice-making unit. The ice makers on each one of them are extremely high quality and provide good quality ice.

The hardware used by LG is also impeccable. You can rely on an LG refrigerator to last you a long while. However, despite the high-quality materials and hardware sometimes due to minor issues, you may find yourself with no ice.

How Do I Reset My LG Refrigerator Ice Maker?

Is the hardware causing the issue?

However, more often than not the issue is not related to the hardware and may require a quick reset. That is why we are bringing you some of the easiest ways to reset your LG refrigerator ice maker and other issues that may be causing the ice maker to malfunction.

Of course, we intend to provide you with complete solutions to the problem and let you know how to fix these problems as well.

Reasons for ice maker malfunction:

There can be many reasons why your LG refrigerator is not making ice and it most often does not has to do with the hardware. Let us look at some of the reasons and how to fix them.

Low-temperature requirement:

When you plug in your new LG refrigerator it needs to reach the temperature of 4 degrees to actually produce ice. Hence when it does not start making ice instantly, do not panic and let it work for at least 24 hours before you start pulling out the ice tray.

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Filter malfunction:

If the ice tray is not being filled with water you need to check and see if the water is passing through the filter or not. If the ice tray does not receive enough water then there is a chance the water filter is not affixed in the proper way and is causing less flow of water.

Hence look for the proper placement of the water filter and ensure that your ice tray receives enough water to actually produce ice.

Inlet valve malfunction:

The Inlet valve plays a key role in the flow of the water to the ice tray. Time to deep dive into the user manual and use a multimeter to check which one of the valves is malfunctioning. Generally, the secondary valve is the main culprit behind this issue and it can be replaced or fixed manually.

Bent water hose:

Yes, one of the most overlooked and simple problems is that the water hose has a bend in it and is unable to deliver sufficient water flow. Hence do go behind the refrigerator to take a look at the water hose to see if there are any bends in it.

Motor malfunction:

Unfortunately, there is no DIY way of resolving this issue. You will need to get the motor replaced. If you do have the warranty you can quickly get it replaced by the company. Otherwise, this spare part is easily available in the market and you can get it fixed either way.

Now if you have checked all these issues and they all turn up fine then try resetting the ice maker.

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How to reset the LG refrigerator ice maker?

Resetting the LG refrigerator ice maker is not that difficult and it can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. The first step would be to find the on and off switch of the refrigerator. Once you have located that half of your problems are over.
  2. Next, find the ice button on the main panel and let it run for one cycle. Wait for the cycle to begin. If the cycle does not start then you need to replace the bin.
  3. Once you have taken the bin out, you need to restart the refrigerator, after placing the bin back inside.
  4. Now you have to wait for at least 8 to 9 hours to let the ice maker do its thing.

After you have waited for the ice maker to start producing ice for at least 9 hours you can check and see if there is ice being produced.

And if there seems to be a problem and the ice is not being produced, go through the issues mentioned above and see if all of those areas are working properly. Such as the flow of water is sufficient and the filter is working properly and other such issues with the water hose.

If none of these is causing the issue then you may need to get your ice maker unit replaced. Or at least get the hardware checked. If the hardware has an issue then you have no choice but to replace the part that is causing the issue.


Finding out that your ice maker is not working and is causing problems can be tough especially when you need to beat the heat with some cold water.

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To understand the issue its best to first investigate yourself and try to figure out what may be the issue. If the issue runs deeper than the ones that have been mentioned above you may need to call in a technician who understands such issues better than any of us.

It is also best to check your warranty and call the helpline first to make sure you can seek help from the manufacturer. Since they know their products better than anyone its best to seek their advice on the matter.

Nonetheless taking a look yourself and then trying to narrow down the problem and then resetting the refrigerator can be very helpful. You can always seek help from experts in the industry if nothing works out.

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