How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last Unrefrigerated?

Eggs are a treat to have and add a protein punch to all of your meals. People enjoy it in various ways such as tossing it on in a salad or having a full meal with a boiled egg.

The nutritional value they add to all your meals is exceptional and that’s what makes them great to have as your breakfast. And the story doesn’t end there, you can make so many delicious variants of the same eggs it is phenomenal. Have you heard of the deviled eggs? My oh My the possibilities with this one are endless.

How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last Unrefrigerated?

The variations:

From a morning avocado breakfast to a fresh spring salad. There are a number of ways you can use eggs to make for the perfect protein content in your meals. However, in order to pull all of these off ones should know how long can the hard-boiled eggs or even the soft ones survive unrefrigerated.

So let us jump in and see how many ways we can prolong the life of a hard-boiled egg and how much time can the eggs survive either way.


Naturally, fresh eggs have a longer life than cooked or boiled ones. Yet it is good to know how can the life of the boiled eggs be prolonged. So hard boiled eggs have a much smaller survival time if they go unrefrigerated.

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However, if you do refrigerate them the chances of them taking longer than the unrefrigerated ones are much higher.

Basically, the shelf life of the boiled eggs heavily depends on the storage method. So let us see how to help with that and what is the shelf life of all these variants.

What’s the shelf life of hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator?

Coming from the top Food authorities, FDA – USA Food and Drug Administration, the hard boiled eggs placed in the refrigerator should be consumed within a week. Peeled or still in their shell the eggs need to be placed in the refrigerator at a temperature lower than 40 degrees.

This temperature ensures that the eggs remain of good quality and can be consumed later on in the week. Of course, for quality purposes, peeled eggs placed inside the refrigerator should be consumed in one day.

What’s the shelf life of hard boiled eggs unrefrigerated?

This is the main question and sadly we bring you the bad news that the shelf life of unrefrigerated eggs is not too long. As informed by the CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention it is best to consume unrefrigerated hard boiled eggs within two hours.

It all depends on the temperature that they are sitting in. and since in most scenarios the temperature of the room is not going to be lower than 40 degrees the eggs will spoil.

How to tell if an egg is safe to eat?

You don’t have to be a mathematician to figure this one out. A good sniff of the eggs will rightly indicate the state of the eggs and will inform you whether or not you should eat them. Rotten, foul, and sulfur-like smells are a good indicator that your hard-boiled eggs that went unrefrigerated for 2 hours have gone bad.

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And even if they do not smell bad, do you really want to risk your health over some eggs. Its always best to discard them and boil a fresh batch, even if it is a bit of a hassle, but the health aspect cannot be disregarded.

What are the storage methods of hard boiled eggs?

This one is simple. The best way to store your hard boiled eggs is to place them in a concealed container in a refrigerator. As the temperature needs to be below 40 degrees it makes complete sense to pop those into the refrigerator with the lid on.

And it is also recommended that you do not remove the shell as that helps keep the moisture inside and keeps them fresh and ready for eating when needed.

How to transport hard boiled eggs to a picnic or outdoor retreat?

For this, you will need to use the ice bucket or an insulated cooler that helps keep the eggs cold. You can also go ahead and add on a bunch of cold frozen gel packs to ensure that the eggs do remain cold while transportation.

0This all may seem a lot of hassle but the end results when you get to gather around with your family and enjoy a nice fresh salad with eggs on top or you simply get the opportunity to try all the unique variants discussed above with your family you will not regret it.


Hard boiled eggs last for a week in a refrigerator with the peel on and even without the peel, however without the peel they are bound to lose their flavor and the quality may be compromised.

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Outside of a refrigerator, the hard boiled eggs will last only 2 hours. And considering the risk factor involved with consuming spoiled eggs is much worse than cooking up a new batch.

So to wrap it up you may want to eat your boiled eggs while they are hot and ready. Otherwise, stick them in the refrigerator in a concealed lid jar and ensure that the box is properly sealed.

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