How much coffee to put in a reusable K Cup?

K cups are the most convenient and effective way of getting the perfect cup of coffee as per your desire. It is also a great alternative to the single-use pods that come packed in with coffee and you can not decide what kind of grounds of coffee you want to use.

This reusable K cup gives you complete control over all these aspects and is a sustainable way to make your coffee without causing any harm to the environment.

With using the reusable K cups comes many questions that can be easily answered with some experimentation. All you need to do is choose your favorite coffee brand and experiment with the grinds you like and see which one gives you the coffee that you love.

The Grinds:

Since the reusable k cups do not come packed with a coffee grind, you will need to find yourself a coffee grinder and choose a coffee bean you like. Then you are all set to decide what kind of consistency you want to use in your k cup.

A scale and a burr grinder will play a major role in deciding what kind of grind you desire for your coffee. When choosing the beans do not go over the three-week roast date mark, as that will highly impact the flavor of the coffee.

Now when grinding beans and making coffee you need to remember the ratio of 1:16 coffee to water ratio. This ratio will play a massive role in the delivery of an exceptional cup of coffee.

Grind settings:

Here is another very important aspect that you need to consider. Since in the sealed pods you can’t really tell what kind of grind setting has been used. Hence when grinding your own beans you need to keep in mind that you need to make that call yourself.

Superfine grinds are something we would not suggest as it clogs the filter and makes a complete mess along with your coffee not tasting good since the water ends up running past it fairly quickly without absorbing the goodness of the grinds.

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Hence the benefit of having a k cup is that you can experiment with the grinds. We all have unique taste and flavor choices when it comes to coffee. So in that matter, this k cup can really help you figure out your desired coffee beans grind and make the best coffee you want.

The trick however is to neither go for a superfine grind nor for a light grind, the sweet spot lies just in the middle of these two where the fairly fine grind resides. This option gets you the flavor of the coffee as the water is able to better absorb the flavor of the coffee and delivers a flavorsome coffee.


Beans are a serious option to consider when using a k cup. Using a k cup means you need to buy your own beans and decide what kind of roast would you prefer. Our suggestion would be to choose the dark roast as it gives the best-flavored coffee.

Light roast and other options will not deliver the cup of coffee you need to get you going. Light roast sadly delivers a tea-like flavor and some who are not that well acquainted with coffee may prefer it but the hard-core coffee lovers will not be able to get their fill from that.

How much coffee to put in the reusable k cup?

Well as we all know Keurig recommends different options depending upon the number of ounces you are brewing. Such as for above 10 ounces the top fill line is the measure while for less than 10 ounces the low fill line is the recommendation. So based on these you can measure the coffee and use the ratio we mentioned above which is the 1:16 ratio.

Generally, the rule of thumb is to use two tablespoons of your ground coffee. Two tablespoons of coffee would make up to 10 grams of coffee, which is sufficient for an amazing cup of coffee.

Water usage, filtered or unfiltered?

For Keurig, it is recommended to use filtered water. Not because it is undrinkable as we all know that we use tap water. But when making coffee the contents of the water such as sodium or pH levels can play a role in disrupting the taste of the coffee.

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Hence when you need to make a perfect cup of coffee and while you are investing so much in making a perfect cup of coffee why not go one step further and get filtered water as well.

Benefits of K cup:

It is already understandable by this article that a reusable k cup comes with many benefits. However, why not just list them down so it becomes even easier to understand the benefits of this multifaceted cup.


The world is moving towards using lesser plastic and containing plastic waste. And this reusable k cup is a great step in the right direction as it prevents plastic waste.

Grinding options:

Grinding is an extremely important part of making use of this cup. Not only the grinding, but you also get to choose your own favorite brand of coffee with the roast you like and then grind it as per your desire. You can tweak the grinding until you find the perfect flavor that meets your taste buds.

Freedom of coffees and roasts:

As mentioned above there is no more restriction on what coffee brand you can use. With this reusable k cup, you can use any coffee you want and make the best cup of your choice.


With the reusable k cup, you can enjoy the fun of making an actual coffee from start to finish and experiment to make different kinds of brews. It’s quiet and an exciting experience while being environmentally friendly and easy on the pocket. The functionality is easy to figure out and you will love it.

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