How To Keep Area Rug From Bunching Up On Carpet

You’ve probably seen those annoying little rugs that seem to be bunching up on the floor, right constantly? Here’s how to keep your area rug in place, and looking sharp, for years to come.

Why Does My Area Rug Bunch Up on the Carpet?

There are a few reasons your area rug might be bunching up on the carpet. It could be that the rug is not the right size for the space, or it’s not lying flat on the floor. If the rug is dirty, that might also be contributing to the problem.

Another possibility is that your carpet is not level. This can happen if one side of the room is higher or lower than the other or if there’s a bump or protrusion in the floor. In these cases, fixing the underlying issue is important, so your rug stays in place.

What Are Some Preventative Measures for Area Rug Bunching?

You can do a few things to help prevent your area rug from bunching up on your carpet.

First, make sure you purchase a rug that’s the correct size for your space. If it’s too small, it will be more likely to bunch up; if it’s too large, it will be more difficult to keep in place.

Second, use a rug pad or tape the edges of the rug to the floor to keep it from slipping around.

Third, Vacuum your area rug regularly to remove any loose fibres or debris that might contribute to bunching.

How to Use Non-Slip Rug Pads

It can be frustrating when your beautiful area rug starts to bunch up on your nice clean carpet. Not only does it look bad, but it can also be a hazard. You can use non-slip rug pads to help keep your rug in place and looking great.

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A few different types of non-slip rug pads are available on the market. Some are made from rubber or foam, and others from felt or polyester. Whichever type you choose, make sure that it’s the right size for your rug and that it’s correctly installed.

If your rug is sliding

Secure Your Area Rug With Tack Strip or Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Keeping your area rug in place starts with properly securing it down. One of the best ways is to use a tack strip, which are narrow strips of wood that you can nail into the floor. The nails will hold the rug in place and prevent it from bunching up.

Double-sided carpet tape is another great option if you don’t want to use tack strips. This industrial-strength adhesive holds firmly onto your rug and keeps it from sliding around or bunching up. It also won’t damage your carpet or leave any residue when you take it off later.

Don’t forget to use a non-slip mat under your area rug too! This will help reduce friction and keep it in place even more securely. Check the guidelines with your mat, as some may require special cleaning instructions or stipulations regarding how often they should be changed.

Home Remedies to Keep Your Area Rug in Place

Take charge and try DIY solutions to keep your area rug in place. One of the most common methods is to use rug tape or rug pads. Laying a rug pad underneath the area rug adds extra cushioning and reinforces and grips the carpet, keeping it from bunching or sliding around.

If you don’t want to bother with a pad, you can also use adhesive strips on the corners and edges of your area rug – these will act as anchors for the rug, allowing it to stay firmly in place.

Another handy tip is to vacuum your area rug regularly (and do an extra deep clean every once in a while) because dirt, pet hair, and other debris build up on the underside of rugs and create a slippery surface that’s hard for rugs to grip onto. That should help keep your area rugs in place!

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DIY Hacks to Minimize Bunching of Your Area Rug

You can use plenty of DIY hacks if you are looking for creative solutions to keep your area rug from bunching up on the carpet. To start, try treating your area rug with a fabric protector since this can help prevent dirt and dust from collecting in the rug’s weave.

You can also place foam rubber sheeting underneath your area rug or apply a non-slip rubber mat, providing an even surface to help minimize bunching. Additionally, you could try using furniture sliders or floor grippers on the corners of the area rug to help keep it in place and secure it to the floor.

Finally, airflow is key! Make sure that you don’t block off any vents in the room, as this can create condensation, which could cause your area rug to buckle and bunch up over time. So take some time to consider these tips and choose whichever method works best for you!


The good news is that you can do a few things to prevent your area rug from bunching up on your carpet. By following these tips, you can ensure that your area rug stays in place and looks great for years to come.

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