How To Remove Agitator From GE Washer?

The GE washer is a great washing machine and just like most other washers it also comes with an agitator in the top-loading assembly.

Naturally, sometimes the agitator can stop working due to some obstructions, and prevent that we have to figure out how to remove the agitator to remove the obstructions.

Sometimes little elements like dust or buttons can get stuck in the agitator preventing it to work properly. Hence, we are going to enlist some ways for you to ensure that you can remove the agitator manually and remove the obstructions yourself.

How to remove the agitator from GE washer:

Finding the damaged part of the agitator can be a tough choice but the easiest way is to see which direction it is moving in and try to move it in the opposite direction.

This will show you if the agitator is having trouble moving in that particular direction. However, here are some ways you can remove the agitator from your GE washer.

  • Removing bolted agitator:
    • Remove the agitator cap
    • Unscrew the bolt
    • Screw it back on
  • Removing unbolted agitator
  • Agitator stuck

There are two types of agitators as you can see above a bolted one and an unbolted one. We will discuss the removal process for both and the stuck agitator as well.

Removing bolted agitator:

Before removing the bolted agitator you must ensure that the machine is powered off and the power supply is unplugged. As you have to put your hands inside the machine so practicing maximum precaution is called for. Follow the following steps to remove the agitator:

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Remove the agitator cap:

Some agitator caps are placed on the agitator with super glue or other kinds of powerful glue. Generally removing the agitator cap is very easy and can be done manually.

You do not have to put in too much effort. However, once you have removed it ensure that you see what kind of glue or screw was used so you can place it back on with a similar method.

Unscrew the bolt:

Once the cap of the agitator has been removed the bolt or the screw that is holding the agitator in place can be seen easily. All you now need to do is remove that screw or bolt with the help of the proper tools.

The agitator will become loose and you can remove it from the washer. Once that has been done you can rinse and wash it with soapy water and make sure that the washer itself is clean from the inside.

Screw it back on:

Naturally, once the agitator is clean and dry you can start re-installing the assembly. All you need to do is follow the process you performed when unscrewing it. First, place the agitator back on and apply the right screw or bolt to place it back on.

Next, take the agitator cap and use the method of assembly that was used by the manufacturer, such as glue or screws. Once you place it back on your machine is ready to be used again.

Removing unbolted agitator:

With unbolted agitators, there aren’t as many steps involved as it is not bolted to the machine. So you do not have to use pliers or any other kind of tools to remove the agitator. The steps you need to follow are mentioned below:

  • Unplug the machine
  • Clean up the washing compartment
  • Reach down and grab the agitator and remove it by pulling upwards
  • Now wash and rinse it properly
  • Make sure that the machine parts underneath the agitator are also clean
  • Use oiling lubricants to clean the agitator shaft
  • And once the agitator is clean and dry
  • Place it back on the machine
  • Ensure that you have properly cleaned the shaft and the agitator before following any of those steps
  • Next, turn back your machine on and see if it functions properly
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This should conclude your removal and cleaning of the unbolted agitator. As you can see removing an unbolted agitator is a very simple task.

However to ensure you have done the cleaning of the agitator and the shaft properly please ensure you check what materials are used in the assembly. What kind of oil will help with the lubrication and make for smooth function.

Agitator stuck:

Yes sometimes the agitator can get stuck and it can be a real hassle to remove it. As you keep using your washing machine over time the chemicals and soaps used can become harsh and cause the agitator to get stuck.

Your first job when cleaning a stuck agitator is to ensure that the agitator and the elements around it that are causing it to be stuck can be removed and softened enough that you can pry it off. To make this happen you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Cleaning a stuck agitator:

Make sure that you fill your machine with 6 inches of hot water. Use chemicals and cleaning agents that will help loosen the obstructions around the agitator.

Once you have placed all the elements inside and the agitator is underneath the water and the chemical agents. You can start the wash cycle, make sure that there are no clothes inside the washer as you want to run an empty cycle just to clean the agitator.

Once the cycle is complete drain the washer and sees if the agitator is functioning properly. If not then you can try and remove the agitator following the procedures mentioned above and clean it.

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Removing both kinds of agitators is a simple enough job and can be done at home easily. However, if you think the problem is deeper than it seems then you may want to seek the help of a technician.

Your first task should be to check the warranty and call the manufacturer’s helpline. They can oftentimes be really helpful and guide you properly according to the model you own.

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