How to remove the agitator from the GE washer

You’re frustrated with your GE washer because the agitator is stuck and won’t come off. You’ve tried to remove it using all of the techniques you’ve seen online, but nothing is working. Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

How to remove the agitator from the GE washer

Assess Your GE Washer Model to Ensure Compatibility

Not all GE washers have agitators. So the first step is to determine if your model has one. The easiest way is to check your washer’s model number.

Once you have the model number, visit this website to find compatible models. If your model is listed on the website, it is consistent with the agitator removal kit, and you will need to hire a professional to remove it.

Gather the Tools and Materials You Need

Before you get started, you’ll need to gather the necessary tools and materials. You’ll need a socket wrench, an adjustable wrench, and a hammer.

If the agitator is stuck, you can try tapping it with a hammer to free it. Be careful not to hit the housing of the washer, or you could damage it.

Disconnect the Power

To begin, unplug the power to the washer. This will help to avoid any accidental electrocutions or injuries.

Next, locate the agitator cover. It’s located on the top of the washer and is held in place with screws. Remove the screws and set them aside.

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You can remove the agitator cover by lifting it up and off the machine. Be sure to set it aside so you don’t lose it.

Prepare Your GE Washer for Agitator Removal

Before removing the agitator from your GE washer, you must prepare it for the process. First, unplug the washer from the wall outlet. Then, shut off the water supply to the washer by turning off the hot and cold water valves. To ensure the valves are completely shut off, turn on the tap nearest them – no water should be flowing out of it.

Next, disconnect the hoses at both ends of the hose clamps and drain them into a bucket or sink. You’ll also want to remove any bolts holding down the agitator or seal it. This is important because they can prevent you from properly removing and replacing your agitator later.

Remove the Agitator From Your GE Washer

Now that all the access panels are off, it’s time to remove the agitator from your GE washer. Unscrew the bolts at the base of the agitator and use a pair of pliers to remove any clamps holding it in place. Then, carefully lift the agitator off the shaft and set it aside.

Next, you’ll want to remove any remaining agitator parts (such as the upper half, impeller, or blades). To do this, locate any screws or pins holding them in place and unscrew them using a screwdriver. Then, gently pull out each part until they come off.

Finally, check around the base of the tub for any additional bolts or screws that may be holding it in place. These will need to be removed before you can replace your GE washer’s agitator.

Troubleshooting Common Problems Associated With Removing an Agitator From GE Washers

If you encounter any problems while trying to remove the agitator from your GE washer, don’t panic! Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help:

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First, ensure the power is off and the washer is unplugged before you begin. Then check the manufacturer’s instructions, as additional steps may be specific to your washer model.

If you can’t get the agitator out, check for any screws or bolts that might be holding it in place. If necessary, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and then try removing the agitator again.

Also, make sure you have a good pair of pliers on hand. If a stuck nut is holding in your agitator, you’ll need them to loosen it. Pliers can also help eliminate any rust that has built up over time.

Finally, contact a repair service or call GE customer support if something needs fixing.


If you’re looking to remove the agitator from your GE washer, it’s a simple process. All you need is a screwdriver and a wrench. Just follow these step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be done in no time.

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