How to reset a Honeywell thermostat

Honeywell thermostat unlike others is an instrument responsible for maintaining the temperature of your home. If somehow its readings are off due to any possible reason like battery issues, zero error, faulty calibration, or issues within the device itself, it will result in a range of issues.

Like high costs of electricity, maintaining an incorrect temperature within the house, or failure to trigger cooling or heating when necessary. Like any other machine if such an issue arises it will require a reset.

How to reset a Honeywell thermostat.

To reset a Honeywell thermostat first thing is to determine what type or model of the thermostat is it that you possess.

To do this you can lift the thermostat and on the bottom of it, you can find written all the necessary details that you require. Or you can just scan the QR code to directly go to the instructions page available on the company’s website.

But if you can’t lift a thermostat mounted right onto the wall, there is another way to do this using “Google Lens” which will scan your product and give you results that match your product from where you can figure out the details of your thermostat.

There are two types of Honeywell thermostats in general based on their power source.

Battery Powered Thermostat

If your thermostat is battery powered the technique to reset it is as simple as it gets. Just remove the lid housing the batteries. Remove the batteries.

Install them the incorrect way or in reversed order i.e. positive end of the battery to the negative side of the thermostat and negative end of the batter to the positive side.

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Once installed this way, wait for a while, this will reset your thermostat. Pull the batteries out and re-install them the correct way this time. Make sure your batteries are charged and working well.

If you see a dim light in the thermostat display this could be the reason your thermostat’s readings are off. Just replace them with new batteries depending upon the model it could be a AA or AAA-sized battery.

Hardwired Thermostat

If your thermostat is hardwired i.e. it is directly connected to the power source and does not have any batteries, there’s nothing to worry about. You can reset it using the buttons or touch display, depending upon the model.

Some models have a dedicated button for saying “reset” that can be located easily on the side or below the thermostat. You need to take a thin pointy object, like a toothpick or a sim ejector tool.

Be cautious to press the button or you can risk yourself getting electrocuted. Poke the button inside the small hole which houses the reset button. Keep it pressed for a while. When you see the display blink for once your thermostat will be reset.

There are other models which can be reset using buttons other than a dedicated “reset” button. For these models, you would have to just press and hold the fan and arrow-up button simultaneously for a few seconds.

When you notice numbers on the display you have to change these numbers for a required reset. For a Factory reset the number on the left side of the display should be changed to 90 and the one on the right side must be changed to 1 using the arrow keys. When you reach the desired numbers, press “Done” and viola.

However, these numbers to reset are variable from model to model and can be found on the manual that comes with the thermostat. While the older models need hassle like going through a manual to get a reset code in order for resetting your thermostat, newer models can save you this trouble by introducing a user interactive interface that makes it easy to reset directly using the buttons.

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For this you have to go to the menu by pressing the “Menu” button, then go to “Advanced Setup” and then select “reset” and “Factory Reset” options. More so, the latest devices which are Wi-Fi controlled can help you reset your device right from your phone.

There may also be a prompt for a code to perform a reset for verifying if it is you who wants to reset. Don’t panic if you haven’t set a code and try using default codes like “1234”, “1111”, or “0000”.

Sometimes the code is a four-digit date code added to the default code “1234”, in that case just check the date code on the back of your thermostat and add 1234 to it. So if the date code is “1111”, the reset code becomes “2345”. If this does not help you can contact your service provider for further assistance.

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