How To Reset A Samsung Refrigerator

You may have noticed that your Samsung refrigerator is not cooling as well as it used to. Perhaps, the ice maker isn’t working either. This article will show you how to reset your Samsung refrigerator if it is not working properly.

First, we will explain what you should do if your refrigerator is not cooling well. Second, we will show you how to reset the ice maker. Finally, we will give you some tips on how to keep your refrigerator running smoothly.

Unplugging Your Samsung Refrigerator

Before you start, unplug your Samsung refrigerator from the wall. This is an important first step, as it will help avoid electrical shocks.

Once it’s unplugged, take a look at the back panel. You’ll see some screws that need to be removed before the panel can be pulled off. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws, then set them aside so you don’t lose them.

Now that the screws are removed, pull off the back panel and set it aside. You’ll now see the inside of your Samsung refrigerator.

What to Do if the Display Is Blank

If your refrigerator’s display is blank, the first thing you’ll want to do is unplug it and plug it back in. Sometimes this is all it takes to get the display working again.

If the problem persists, you’ll want to try a hard reset. To do this, you’ll need to hold down the power button for about six seconds. Once the refrigerator turns off, please wait a minute and press the power button again to turn it back on.

How to Reset Your Temperature Settings

To reset the temperature settings on your Samsung refrigerator, you will need to locate the secret Service Menu. This menu can be accessed by pressing the following buttons in sequence:

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3-5-8-1-6 (the last number is optional and may vary depending on your model).

Once you have entered the Service Menu, navigate to the “Refrigerator” tab and select “Temp.” You can then adjust the temperature settings as necessary.

To exit the Service Menu and save your changes, press the “Power” button.

Turning the Icemaker Off and On

Now it’s time to turn the ice maker off and on. This might sound strange, but the reset process requires you to do this for the Samsung refrigerator to reset completely.

To do this, your appliance should have a small on/off switch inside or on the front of it. If you’re having trouble finding it, look at your user manual for detailed directions.

Once you’ve found the switch, please turn it off and wait for a few seconds (about 10 should do). Then you’ll want to turn it back on and wait for about 20 minutes. After that, your ice maker should be reset to its factory settings.

Resetting the Water Filter Indicator

The next step is resetting the water filter indicator. This is important because the indicator will tell you when to replace the filter.

So, before you start the reset process, locate the reset button on your Samsung refrigerator. The location of this button can vary from model to model–it’s often found on the control panel or near the water filter housing inside your fridge.

Once you’ve found it, press and hold down the reset button for three seconds. You should hear a beep that confirms that your Samsung refrigerator has been successfully reset.

The last step is to turn off your fridge and turn it back on—that’s it! Your Samsung refrigerator is now ready for use.

Troubleshooting Samsung Fridge Reset Issues

If you’re having trouble resetting your Samsung fridge, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips.

First, ensure the power button is turned on and the power cord is properly plugged in. Then check your fridge settings to ensure the temperature is set correctly and that there are no auto-off or weekend mode settings that might affect the reset process.

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Additionally, if your Samsung refrigerator has a demo mode control panel, make sure you have disabled it. Once all those steps are completed, unplug the fridge and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. This should reset all the settings and will help you get back on track with the reset process.

If the issue persists, it could be something more serious, like a faulty control board or heater relay, so you may want to contact an appliance repair specialist to get it sorted out.


To sum up, these are the steps you need to take to reset your Samsung refrigerator:

  1. Unplug the fridge from the outlet.
  2. Remove the water filter.
  3. Wait for two minutes.
  4. Plug the refrigerator back in.
  5. Reinstall the water filter.
  6. Open the door and wait for the water to dispense.
  7. Close the door and wait for the fridge to start cooling.

If you follow these steps, your Samsung refrigerator should be reset and working properly.

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