How To Turn Off The Flashing Clean Light On Mr. Coffee?

Mr. Coffee is a great coffee maker and an essential in every household these days. It’s one of the best coffee makers out there and for ease of use, the manufacturers have also installed a clean light on the machine.

This allows the users to be aware of when does the coffee maker needs a deep clean. This helps in ensuring that the coffee maker gets a regular and timely cleanup.

However, an issue has been spotted with the clean light that is, that the clean light keeps flashing. Even after a thorough and deep clean. This has caused some consumers to become very bothered by the coffee maker.

Even though the Mr. Coffee maker is one of the best and produces top-quality coffee, the flashing clean light can be sometimes an annoying aspect.

Hence to help you resolve this issue we have enlisted some ways you can ensure that your Mr. Coffee maker’s clean light flashing issue can be resolved quickly and in a hassle-free way.

Turning off the flashing clean light on Mr. Coffee:

Time to get down to business, having a flashing clean light can be very annoying especially if you have done the cleaning ritual. However, it’s best to start by checking the cleaning process. Let’s look at it in depth.

Deep cleaning Mr. Coffee Maker:

If the clean light is flashing it’s best to first check if the machine needs any cleaning. Even if you have been keeping the machine clean, there may be some areas that you might have missed and in that case, the flashing clean light can be a blessing.

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In areas where the water is hard, you may want to check up on the carafe, filter, and water reservoir on a regular basis to see if there is any mineral buildup.

These are common causes for the flashing light to be going off. Hence check all those areas and run through the proper cleaning cycle if you haven’t already.

When the cleaning cycle is running does not stop it mid-way and do not remove any part of it. Let the cleaning cycle run from start to finish and do its thing. Since the coffee maker cleans itself there isn’t much needed to be done on your end.

However, it is best to remove the carafe, filter, and water reservoir to clean it and wash it with liquid soap. Do not use any harsh objects, just use a sponge to rinse it nicely.

You don’t want any harsh scratches on the bottom of the reservoir as that may impact the quality of the coffee it produces. Hence keep a very soft hand when washing Mr. Coffee’s reservoir.

Along with that do not forget to run through the user manual as it provides complete details on the cleaning of Mr. Coffee. From what materials to use to what kind of products like soda or vinegar should be used. All this makes up for excellent cleaning of the machine and you can have a delicious cup of coffee at the end of the day.

After you are done cleaning the machine, you may want to let it run with water for a couple of minutes to ensure that all the soapy fluid and residue is removed from the machine.

Running two to three water cycles will just ensure a clean and delicious cup of coffee for you. Now if the clean flashing light has still not stopped then there are other reasons why this may be happening.

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Reasons for clean light flashing on Mr. Coffee:

There are several other reasons why the clean light still may be going off and we need to inspect why before we call in a technician. So let us look at them one by one:

  • With any electrical appliances that may be glitching the best way is to always turn them off and unplug them completely. Let it cool down for a couple of minutes and then restart it. This helps reset all the functions and the lights on the device.
  • Even after thorough internal cleaning, the machine may still be dirty. This can be resolved by first of all checking all the necessary parts, such as the water reservoir, filter, and the carafe, even then if the clean light continues to flash. Then you need to unplug the machine and take a damp sponge to scrub the exterior and the lid of the machine. See if this helps solve the problem and turns the light off.
  • Once the cleaning has been done we should always wait a couple of minutes before restarting the machine and plugging it in. Leave the machine unplugged and turned off for a few minutes after the cleaning. This will make sure that the device is able to recognize that the cleaning process has been completed successfully.
  • Also when the cleaning cycle is in process, avoid unplugging the machine and stopping the process midway.
  • If due to some reason you have to stop the cleaning cycle midway, then you need to start the cleaning cycle again from the beginning. It takes one hour for the machine to perform a complete deep clean. After which you need to run the machine with clean water at least once or twice to ensure all the residue product has been removed.
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Regular maintenance of the Mr. Coffee Maker will prevent the light from going off and flashing continuously. However, even after the implementation of all the steps mentioned above the light keeps flashing you can always contact the manufacturer’s helpline and see what they have to say.

You will be lucky if you have a warranty and you can simply get the machine replaced. However, the methods mentioned above should help turn off the flashing light. Either way, if need be you can always contact the help center and see what the issue is about.

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