Imperfect Foods Review

Imperfect Foods Review. Imperfect Food is an online grocery delivery service that challenges the beauty standard or foods. This company not only does deliver nutritious and sustainably sourced food items, but it also sells home supplies.

Imperfect Foods helps people save time and avoid the crowd on grocery shopping as they deliver a diverse variety of items to your doorstep. However, the company has received mixed reviews from its users.

Many customers swear by Imperfect Foods and consider it a great initiative to reduce waste. However, some have conflicting opinions. Are you interested in buying items from Imperfect Foods but are not sure if it is worth it? Read this review before you make your decision.

Imperfect Foods Review

The Main Focus

Their primary focus is to reduce day-to-day waste. The company aims to cut carbon emissions by selling leftover products and food items about to expire.

Imperfect Foods has partnered with food banks to help fight hunger by providing low-cost food boxes to people who are in need. Imperfect Foods is also an environmentally conscious company that plans to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2026.

Subscription Packages

All you need to do is create an account on their website and answer a few questions based on your lifestyle and food preferences. After answering all the questions, the company will assign you a specific delivery date based on the area you live in and the type of subscription package you have chosen.

Their goal is to deliver goods to people living in the same region in one day to reduce carbon emissions from trucks. Customers also have the option to select specific grocery items they want.

Imperfect Foods supplies new and different goods each week. Every week there are new items. Every user can customize their subscription packages. They can choose the type of box they want to order:

  • Regular
  • All fruit
  • All vegetables
  • Organic

They also have the option to choose between different sizes, such as:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Regular
  • Large
  • Extra Large

Users can also choose how often they want their boxes to be delivered. They can choose from the following options:

  • Every week
  • Every even week
  • Every odd week

What You Can Buy

Imperfect Foods’ produce claims to be an effective solution to building a less wasteful world, and their groceries are described as a little imperfect but always delicious. Let’s have a look at the different categories of groceries and items they offer:

Pantry: It includes all the items that one usually stores in their pantry, for example, pasta, spices, oils, etc.

Produce: Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables in odd shapes and sizes are available here straight from the farmer’s market.

Eggs and dairy: They have pasture-raised eggs, cheese, butter, and milk, all sourced from sustainable farms near you.

Snacks: Their collection of snacks includes salty, sweet, recycled, and upcycled products.

Plant-based: Affordable plant-based meats and dairy are available here for all to enjoy, with convenience.

Meat and fish: Imperfect foods sell good quality proteins such as pasture-raised chicken and beef. These products are provided to them by producers committed to animal welfare.

Self-care products: bath, beauty, and health items acquired from ethical producers are also available here.

Cost: Imperfect Foods Review

Although imperfect foods are a vast market nowadays, the cost of items varies depending on the item. Some products are more expensive than items found in our local grocery stores.

The items have different prices, and you can get your customized box by selecting from a wide variety of foods. That is why the cost may differ according to the types of items you purchase weekly. Here are some examples of the different prices of foods they offer:

  • Their conventional avocados have a price of$1.99 per can.
  • They sell organic broccoli at $2.29 apiece.
  • Organic apples are for $0.85 each.
  • 85% lean, grass-fed ground beef costs $6.49 per pound (0.5 kg).
  • One can of chickpeas is sold at $1.49.
  • $4.99 for 680 g of plant-based yogurt
  • Half a gallon of milk is $2.49.

However, the prices of products vary from location to location.

Moreover, many have commented that the quality is good, but there have always been complaints and disappointed comments posted on different social media groups regarding the quantity of the food.

Consumers have reportedly complained about the small portions of food delivered to them. Consumers are complaining that the prices of some of the products are higher than that of local grocery stores.

Their Competitors

Imperfect Foods is not the first business aiming to reduce food waste. It has many competitors, such as Full Harvest, Farm Drop, and Fresh Direct.

Full Harvest also provides customers with imperfect and surplus produce. However, the main competitor of Imperfect Foods is Misfits Market, and customers are often confused between the two.

Let’s first talk about what customers have to say about both companies. In one poll conducted in 2021, 50.8% of customers preferred Imperfect Foods, while 48.2% preferred Misfits Market.

However, Misfits Market is cheaper when compared with Imperfect Foods as it has more discounted offers. Neither Imperfect Foods nor Misfit Market delivers all over America. You can check whether these companies offer delivery services to your area by entering your zip code on their websites.

Imperfect Foods has delivery services in the West Coast and Midwest regions. It is also offering delivery services to the Northeast and West Central regions.

Another competitor of Imperfect Foods is Hungry Harvest. Hungry Harvest sells better quality produce than Imperfect Foods and has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, Hungry Harvest only delivers to a few areas, whereas Imperfect Foods delivers to many locations all around America.

Imperfect Foods Pros

Whether Imperfect Foods is the perfect platform to purchase groceries can be determined through the reviews of its customers. Some of the pros of Imperfect Foods include:

Customer Service

Customers of Imperfect Foods are extremely satisfied with the customer service provided. The staff appointed are friendly in communication and highly cooperative.

Quality Products

Many customers are pleased with their experience as they say that the products are fresher than most grocery stores.

Packaging: The customers highly appreciate their packing. Imperfect Foods dispatches their products in environment-friendly fiber boxes that are 100% recycled.

These triple lining boxes comprise an insulated liner made of polyethylene, a gel pack for freshness, and a 30% recycled polyethylene egg carton liner.

Efficient and Easy

Customers have noted that the ordering process is simple and convenient. Some have also regarded it as a great alternative to in-person grocery shopping.

The first step is signing up and answering a questionnaire about requirements and lifestyle. Imperfect Foods then provides users with items that are hand-picked weekly. Users can then remove or replace products as per their requirements.

Weekly Restocking

The secret behind their fresh products, which get them good scores, is explained on their website. Each week order is hand-picked directly from the farm. The company also provides that they also welcome new items each week based on the requirements of the consumers.

Complete Transparency

Customers receive detailed information about the goods they want to purchase on the virtual grocery list. The website also mentions the defects of every product.

Therefore, when the customer places an order, they are well aware of the imperfections (like size, cosmetic imperfections, or surplus inventory). It eliminates deception at the time of delivery.

Entrusted Delivery

The company uses its medium to deliver products and takes responsibility for the conveyance. Therefore, it ensures a 100% safe and secure delivery.

Refund Policy

Many customers have acknowledged their refund policy. Imperfect Foods provides replacement or refund of these products whose quality or weight are not up to customers’ expectations. This further increases their customer satisfaction score.

Sustainable Shopping

The main idea behind introducing imperfect foods is to prevent food wastage. Imperfect Foods wants to move towards a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. The company is utilizing produce that will otherwise get thrown away.

Assigned Delivery Dates

Imperfect Foods operate distinctively from other online stores, as they before-hand provide customers with expected delivery dates. Customers convey their fondness.

Imperfect Foods Cons

Imperfect Foods has the following disadvantages:

Limited Options

In contrast with traditional grocery services, Imperfect Foods displays limited products. It narrows down the selection window for customers. Thus, customers have to go to their local grocery stores and buy the rest of their organic produce.

Delivery Charges

Imperfect Foods, unlike its competitors, does not allow customers to request a specific delivery date. Furthermore, the delivery charges are not flat per order at all. Customers have expressed strong dissatisfaction because these fees vary depending on the date and location, ranging from $4.99 to $8.99.

Cost Ineffective

On average, 18 items from Imperfect Foods cost 40 dollars, exclusive of delivery charges. Therefore, most unsatisfied customers stated that they were being charged too much for tiny fruits and vegetables.

Errors in Delivery

Out of 160 customers, 3.69 percent rated Imperfect Foods as far from being perfect. The disappointment stemmed from the missing components of the claimed boxes. The customers had to throw away spoiled items due to improper packaging.

Furthermore, there were many complaints about products not being properly packed. The orders received were packed without due care and concern. Delay in delivery is also adversely reviewed.

Area Discrimination

Many customers have expressed that charging a fee based on the zip code is unfair. It creates a sense of resentment as some customers might have to pay a higher amount for the same item than someone else living in a different area.

Small Farmers Suffer

With the origination of Imperfect Foods, the market has become increasingly large for small farmers to compete. It disrupts the market’s economic equilibrium to the point where many small farmers will have to close shut down their businesses due to a lack of product availability.

Imperfect Foods Review: Concluding Remarks

Imperfect Foods is an initiative that has a great cause behind it. They are focusing on reducing carbon emissions and food waste, which is commendable.

The benefit of ordering from Imperfect Foods is that you get to customize your order every week and get your groceries delivered to your doorstep.

However, Imperfect Foods has garnered a negative reputation due to the inconsistencies in its products. Many other companies offer similar products as well.

There are many other ways you can play your part in reducing food waste, such as buying from your local farmer’s market. However, Imperfect Foods is worth a try! So, that was our Imperfect Foods Review. Hope it was helpful for you.

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