Imperfect Foods vs Hungry Harvest

Imperfect Foods vs Hungry Harvest. Online food delivery companies such as Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest is taking over the traditional grocery store culture.

There are many aspects that people love about these food supplying companies; however, cost-effectiveness and ecologically friendliness have been the main reasons behind their success.

There are many other things that these companies provide, not just the orthodox choose and deliver service. Many people believe that Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest provide almost the same proportion of value to the customers. However, this is not correct.

The Hungry Harvest is a local company that resides in South Florida and Detroit Metro to deliver healthy and ‘ugly’ food to the community. It has an easy signup process where an effective delivery mechanism is used to let the package arrive with a minimal carbon footprint.

However, that does not mean that Imperfect Foods is less value-adding. It has no minimum order cost and the package return policy is an innovative way to reduce waste in the community.

We have studied, researched, and compiled the major difference between the two brands under consideration. Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest aim for the same objective but have a slightly different approaches to it. We are going to discuss all those differences so keep reading.

Imperfect Foods vs Hungry Harvest


The objective is the foremost thing to consider when purchasing inferior products to benefit the community. How exactly is the community benefiting from this particular cause?

Well, companies like Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest are selling a bit tarnished and imperfectly shaped but healthy food to consumers at a lower price. We already know that around 30 to 40 percent of food goes to waste in the USA because the grocery stores and factories aim for perfection.

However, the companies under comparison purchase all the ‘ugly’ food from farmers and then sell it to people at a lower price. This not only benefits the community by reducing waste but also helps the farmers as well.

Sign up

The first step that you would have to perform on the Imperfect Foods or Hungry Harvest website is to sign up. The sign is free as these companies never charge a membership fee. However, you need to pick your preferred category of food before proceeding with the Hungry Harvest.

It asks you to opt for your favorite package and then it recommends food accordingly. There is no such barrier when signing up for Imperfect Foods. They allow you to opt for all kinds of proportions and types of food packages.

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Hungry Harvest Cost break-up per plan

The Hungry Harvest has great plans to choose from. It allows you to pick your favorite produce and deliver it to your doorstep. The rates per package are:

Imperfect Foods Cost break-up per plan

The same proportion of food is available at Imperfect Foods at a cost-effective rate. The details are:

Minimum order cost

This is one of those factors that can help you to make a choice. The Hungry Harvest has a minimum order cost of 15 dollars. This means that you have to opt for at least an order of 15 dollars before confirming it.

The website is designed to not confirm orders below this threshold. This minimum limit is often problematic when you are ordering food for partial consumption.

However, there is no such restriction imposed by Imperfect Foods. The company allows you to go for any quantity or budget of your choice. This room to choose and adjust is more convenient than other options.


Receiving your favorite food can be a problem when shopping from Hungry Harvest. The company has no automatic food selection technology to select food according to the previous purchase trends.

Imperfect Foods have a “recurring list” to add your favorite foods automatically to your cart. A “never list” co-exist to prevent unwanted food from making it to your order. This allows you to get your favorite food every time the company delivers.

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Mode of ordering

Unlike Misfits Market, Hungry Harvest and Imperfect Foods have a subscription system to book your order every time. The subscription model means that your order is preselected and you have to change it on your own.

The company delivers on a fixed day every week. The amount is deducted from your bank account automatically. However, you can opt out by skipping or canceling your order.

Order amendment

The subscription model, as we have already mentioned, is prone to pre-booking. This means that you have to amend your order according to your choice. Both the companies under discussion offer an order customization window where you can amend your bag at will.

However, the window generally has a narrow timeframe so you need to keep a track of timing. This is a drawback as most people forget when to change their order.

Time and mode of delivery

As we already know that both the companies under discussion operate on the subscription model, the management itself decides the delivery time. What would be the purpose of automated food delivery when the company asks you to set a delivery time?

However, the dispatch team emails you before the package is put into transit. This allows you to get ready to pick up your package when it arrives. Another purpose of assigning the delivery time is to manage the fuel consumption efficiently.

Apart from this, the delivery cost is a deciding factor here. When ordering from Hungry Harvest, the delivery cost starts from 3.49 dollars per order. However, if the order cost goes past the 29.99 dollars limit then the delivery is free.

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Imperfect Foods nor offer a flat delivery rate neither it waives off the delivery charges like Hungry Harvest. The charges might vary between 4.99 and 8.99 dollars (depending on the location).

Availability is another factor that you must consider before making a choice. The Hungry Harvest is available at South Florida and Detroit metro only (this might change over time). Imperfect Foods have better coverage and the availability is not much of an issue.

Delivery boxes and packaging

Both the companies under the comparison have strict policies for reducing the packaging waste caused by the delivery. Hungry Harvest and Imperfect Foods have a 100% biodegradable package that is easily recyclable.

However, Imperfect Foods has a packaging return policy where you can return five or more bags for recycling. This aspect is great for reducing waste as well as preventing the company from printing unwanted packets.

Sourcing: Imperfect Foods vs Hungry Harvest

The source of food that is being sold in the store is an important thing to consider. The aim is primarily to reduce food wastage in the USA so you should make sure that the majority of the benefits are availed by the local community.

Both Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest claim that the farmers from the USA are benefiting from the program; however, seasonal availability is a problem. Imperfect Foods often supply imported food stock because the consumer might opt for a portion of seasonal food.

On the other hand, The Hungry Harvest provides a set type of food to avoid seasonal food that is unavailable. The food has no tag or sticker regarding the place where the food was grown. However, our assumption is the only relevant reason you have to believe in.

Blogs and extras

Both the companies under discussion follow the popular trend where complementary blogs are available for the customers. The websites of these companies have various blog posts on recipes, how-tos, and ecological topics. These posts also serve as an important factor in preserving and utilizing food items.

Other than this, Imperfect Foods do not have a mobile app so you have to access the website every time. The Hungry Harvest has a mobile app but availability is the main issue.

Why choose Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest over traditional grocery stores?

People still believe that shopping from traditional grocery stores is the way to go. However, the companies like Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest are more value-adding for the consumer as well as the community.

The vegetables are bought directly from farmers and sold on the website without discarding any of them (as long as they are edible and healthy). This reduces the waste production as perfectly edible but ugly produce is not discarded.

The farmers are benefitted from the elimination of unwanted intermediaries. Other than this, home delivery is a convenient feature to have.

What does the minimum order cost mean?

The minimum order cost is the least value of the order that you must place to confirm the purchase. These companies keep such regulations to make sure that people purchase a considerable amount of food for each order. It is an effective way to ensure the consumption of adequate food.

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What is the order customization window?

Both Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest have the subscription model of order which means that the order is placed automatically. However, these companies provide a certain timeframe to amend the order. A careless user would often miss this timeframe so you should subscribe accordingly.

Is subscription ordering worth it?

Subscription ordering has become popular since people do not have much time to order their food. This kind of order allows the supplier to prebook your order while the bank automatically deducts the authorized amount.

It is highly convenient because the websites also offer a customization window to amend your order days before it is due. The delivery time is also assigned by the supplier to reduce carbon footprinting.

Imperfect Foods vs Hungry Harvest: Which is best?

Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest are different from other competitors such as the Misfits Market. You would find the subscription ordering highly convenient if you need consistency.

The food of your choice is added to your package depending on your preferences. However, the Hungry Harvest does not take the preferences into the account.

Furthermore, another aspect that you should look at is the order customization timeframe. This requires you to be on time with the amendments.

Other than this, if we want to differentiate both the companies in our comparison then the minimum ordering cost and availability will be the deciding factors.

There is no minimum ordering cost in Imperfect Foods so you have a wider room to plan your budget. The Hungry Harvest has an ordering limit of 15 dollars, below which you cannot order stuff.

Imperfect Foods have better availability as compared to Hungry Harvest. The delivery cost also has a part to play in an effective selection as Hungry Harvest provides free delivery above 29.99 dollars while Imperfect Foods has no such discount.

Imperfect Foods is recommended for all those users who demand full control over the selection process. Better availability and consistency in orders are highly convenient. It might disappoint in a couple of aspects but we would still prefer Imperfect Foods over Hungry Harvest. So, that was our Imperfect Foods vs Hungry Harvest comparison. Hope it was helpful for you.

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