Kenmore Elite Refrigerator is not cooling

We’re sorry to hear that your Kenmore Elite refrigerator is not cooling. We know how important it is for your food to be stored at the right temperature, and we want to help you get it up and running as soon as possible.

You can do a few things to try and fix the problem. First, ensure the power is on, and the fridge is plugged in. Once you’ve confirmed that, check the thermostat to see if it’s set to the correct temperature. If it is, the next step is to clean the condenser coils.

If you’ve tried all of these things and your fridge is still not cooling, please call our customer service line so we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Why Is Your Fridge Not Cooling?

There could be a few reasons your fridge is not cooling as it should. The most common causes are a dirty condenser coil, a low refrigerant level, or a problem with the compressor.

You can easily clean it yourself if it’s something as simple as a dirty condenser coil. All you need is a Philips head screwdriver and about 10 minutes. You can find detailed instructions in your fridge’s User Guide.

If the problem is with the compressor, you’ll likely need to call a service technician to fix it. Again, your fridge’s User Guide will have more information on what to do in this case.

Check the Temperature Settings

The first thing you should do is check the temperature settings. The refrigerator might be set to a temperature that’s too warm for your liking, which is why it’s not cooling properly.

Follow these instructions to change the temperature settings:

  1. Press the POWER button for about five seconds until the unit turns off.
  2. Press the POWER button for about five seconds to turn the refrigerator back on.
  3. Press and hold the ICE and WATER buttons simultaneously for about five seconds.
  4. The display will show either “COLD” or a number followed by “F.” This is the current setting for the refrigerator’s temperature (in Fahrenheit).
  5. To change the setting, press the COLD or F button until you reach the desired temperature.
  6. Release both buttons when you’ve selected the desired temperature.
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Check if the Condenser Coils Are Dirty

If your Kenmore Elite refrigerator is not cooling, check if the condenser coils are dirty. The coils are located on the back of the fridge and need to be cleaned for the refrigerator to cool properly.

You can clean them with a vacuum cleaner or a coil brush if they’re dirty. Be careful when doing this, as you don’t want to damage the coils. Also, ensure the vacuum cleaner is unplugged before you start cleaning.

Clean or Replace the Evaporator Fan Motor

If the fan blade is running, but the refrigerator isn’t cooling, it’s time to check on the evaporator fan motor. This motor powers the fan that circulates cold air throughout your fridge. Cool air won’t be distributed, and your fridge won’t stay cold if it’s not working properly.

You can try cleaning off the fan motor before replacing it. You’ll need to remove the access or refrigerator back panel and locate the evaporator fan motor. Once you’ve found it, use a vacuum cleaner to suck any dust and debris off it.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the fan motor entirely. This isn’t an easy job – it requires some knowledge of wiring and refrigeration systems – so if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional to do the job for you.

Verify the Compressor Is Running Properly

If your refrigerator isn’t cooling, the next step is to ensure the compressor is running properly. To do this, first, locate the back panel of your refrigerator. You should see a grille covering the compressor. Then, remove this grille and listen for any humming noises.

If the compressor’s running, you should hear a humming sound. If it’s not, it’s not running properly and needs to be serviced by a professional repair person.

If the compressor does appear to be running correctly, verify that there isn’t an obstruction in the condenser coils—these are located on the bottom or back of your refrigerator.

If dirt or dust buildup has caused blockage and overheating of these coils, you will also need to have a professional look at it as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your fridge and its cooling system.

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Reasons to Contact a Service Technician

There are a few reasons why it may be time to call a service technician to look at your refrigerator. If you have already tried all the troubleshooting tips listed above and your refrigerator isn’t cooling, it may be time to call for help.

The technician can help determine what is wrong with your refrigerator and help with deeper repairs, like checking the evaporator fan motor or the electronic control board. If these parts need to be replaced, they may require professional help.

In addition, if you are dealing with any of the serious warning signs mentioned earlier, like noises coming from your refrigerator, strange smells, or noticing that there is water on the kitchen floor, you need to contact a service technician immediately.


If your Kenmore Elite refrigerator is not cooling, your food could spoil quickly. You will need to troubleshoot the problem to determine the cause and fix it. The first step is ensuring the freezer and refrigerator are set to the correct temperatures.

If they are, you will need to determine if the problem is with the compressor, the fan, the thermostat, or the wiring. Once you have determined the cause of the problem, you can repair it.

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