Samsung dryer diagnostic mode

Your Samsung dryer is doing just what it’s supposed to, taking care of your clothes. But what if it’s not drying them quite the way you’d like? You can fix the problem without calling a service technician.

All Samsung dryers have a diagnostic mode that can help you troubleshoot problems with your appliance. This mode is accessed by pressing and holding the “D” and “W” buttons on the console at the same time for three seconds. Once you’re in diagnostic mode, the LED screen will show one of four possible codes: F1, F2, F3, or F4.

Each code corresponds to a particular problem with the dryer. This article will explain each code’s meaning and how to fix the problem.

Samsung dryer diagnostic mode

What Is the Samsung Dryer Diagnostic Mode?

The Samsung Dryer Diagnostic Mode is an easy way to troubleshoot problems with your dryer. It allows you to test the different functions of your dryer and identify any potential issues.

To enter the diagnostic mode, you’ll need to simultaneously press and hold the “D” and “E” buttons on your dryer’s keypad. The display will change, and a series of symbols will appear on the screen. These symbols represent the different tests that you can run.

Once you’ve selected a test, the dryer will start performing it. You can watch the results on the screen and make a note of any errors that occur. This information can help you track down the source of the problem and fix it.

Steps to Activate the Diagnostic Mode

You must press and hold two buttons simultaneously to enter the diagnostic mode. The buttons you need to press will depend on the model of your Samsung dryer. Refer to your owner’s manual to find out which buttons to press.

Once you have pressed and held the buttons, the dryer will start up, and you will see a series of tests being run on the screen. These tests will help to identify any problems with your dryer. After the tests are completed, the diagnostic mode will automatically end.

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Different Codes of the Samsung Dryer Diagnostic Mode

If your Samsung dryer displays an error code, you can troubleshoot it by entering diagnostic mode. This mode will show you a variety of codes that correspond to different problems.

To enter diagnostic mode, press the Power button and hold it for three seconds. Then, press the Start/Pause button and hold it for three seconds. The word “Diagnose” should now be displayed on the screen.

Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to scroll through the different codes. When you find the code that corresponds to your problem, press the Start/Pause button to view more information about it.

Troubleshooting Using the Samsung Dryer Diagnostic Mode

When your Samsung dryer is having issues, you can use the diagnostic mode to troubleshoot the problem. To enter the diagnostic mode on your Samsung dryer, press and hold the Power and Start buttons simultaneously for five seconds.

Your Samsung dryer will display codes to indicate its specific problem when in diagnostic mode. Each code will appear on the display panel in numerical order. 

These codes will help you pinpoint exactly what is causing your issue so you can make an informed decision about how to fix it.

For instance, if your dryer displays an error code of 7E, this means that there is a heat issue. You should then check for ventilation blockages or debris buildup in the heating element to ensure proper airflow.

By using the Samsung Dryer Diagnostic Mode, troubleshooting and fixing issues with your dryer can be simpler and more efficient than ever!

How to Enter the Service Test Mode

Suppose you want to access the service test mode; press and hold both the start and pause buttons for about 5 seconds. After that, you should see the service test menu. Now, you have to choose which test you’d like to perform and let the dryer do its thing.

It’s important to note that once you enter into the service test mode, there is a chance of exiting after one of the tests is complete. So make sure that all settings have been set correctly before entering this mode. 

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Suppose errors are found while in diagnostic mode; an error code will be displayed on the dryer’s display. You can then use these codes to troubleshoot any issues with your dryer.

How to Perform a Reset on Your Dryer

If something isn’t working properly on your dryer, consider performing a reset. This can help address issues, such as whether the display needs to be fixed or the long cycle time.

To perform a reset, locate the control knob on your Samsung dryer, turn it off, and then back on again. Then, press and hold the Start/Pause button and the “Cancel/Drain button simultaneously for three seconds. This will trigger a reset cycle; you should have solved the issue once it’s complete.

If this doesn’t work, try unplugging your dryer from the wall outlet for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. This should also help with technical problems arising from a power outage or random errors caused by power fluctuations or surges.


So, if your Samsung Dryer displays an error code, you know how to reset it and get it back in working order. However, if the problem persists, it’s best to call a professional to look at it, as there may be a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Thanks for reading!

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