Samsung Dryer is not Heating up

If you own or have been using a Samsung dryer for a while now, then there must be at least once that you are faced with a common issue. Most Samsung dryer owners have reported that their dryer is not heating up.

This could be an unpleasant experience though you would not be the first to complain about this. There could be a number of reasons why your dryer is not heating and you can fix it yourself by reading the instructions below.

Why Samsung Dryer is not Heating up?

Most Common Issues.

The most common reason why a dryer does not heat up or only blows cold air is when either the air vent line is blocked, the thermal fuse is cut-off, the issue is with the internal wiring, the thermostat is faulty or covered with salts, or the heating element is burnt out.

Although these parts are designed to last long, they are the most vulnerable ones because they are used the most, and if not taken care of, or used for longer periods, they have the tendency to get damaged/broken.

To avoid damaging these parts and to make them last longer, make sure not to overload the dryer, keep the dryer in a well-ventilated place and clean the dryer and the filters after each use.

If the issue still arises, however, changing the faulty parts mentioned above can get your dryer to start working like before.

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How to fix the heating element

If the heating element is broken you can follow these instructions to fix it.

  1. Open the front
  2. Take the top off by pulling it with a little force and freeing it from the two tabs holding it.
  • Undo all the screws and the door will be removed.
  1. Loosen all the wire clips.
  2. Lift the spring up located below the drum, it will loosen up the belt holding the drum.
  3. Remove the belt and then the drum.
  • You will now be able to see a box of metal with wires clenched on it which is the heater element. Check all the wires using a voltmeter if any one of them does not make the needle of the voltmeter move you are sure now that the issue is with the heating element. Remove all the wires and there is a spring-shaped structure inside which needs replacing if it is broken.
  • Put back all the pieces and your dryer will start working as new.

Although this process seems like an easy fix, please make sure of the model you are dealing with as design varies from model to model. As well as, turn off and remove all electrical connections to the dryer to avoid the risk of getting electrocuted.

Unusual Issues and Their Fixes.

Having inspected the issues mentioned above, you can also check if the issues are of the following nature.

Check for the settings you have selected

Make sure you have not turned on any settings that will not trigger the heat at first or at all like eco-mode. Eco mode will save energy by either running on low heat or no heat in the first few cycles. You can check the cycles to ensure no such option is selected.

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The dryer has not been heating since it was installed

If the dryer has not been heating since it was installed, it may be due to incorrect gas line installation if it’s a gas dryer, or incorrect electrical power cord installation for electric dryers. Check if the dryer is getting enough voltage as required because it will not heat unless the minimum required voltage is provided.

The correct installation method is also available, written in the instructions manual that comes with the dryer.

Kill the circuit breaker switch and then turn it on

Try killing the circuit breaker and switching it back on. It will turn back on the other one of the twin circuits that come with the dryer and is most probably tripped.

If any of the above issues or their fixes don’t work or any instructions are not clear, please contact your service provider for further assistance specific to the model you own.

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