What Are Samsung Washer VRT Spin Cycle Problems

The VRT technology is the latest tech in the market that helps keep your machines noiseless, less vibration, and odor-free drum. If your Samsung washer is not functioning properly it will give three types of codes on the screen.

The codes that you will see on the screen are, UE, UL, and dC. These codes are displayed when the drum is either overloaded or unable to function, due to some other issue.

Generally, these errors are displayed when the drum is unable to spin. And since all washing machines need some maintenance from time to time, maybe its time to look into the problems and provide it some much-needed overhaul.

What are Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems and how to fix them?

Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems:

There are many issues that can cause these problems. Hence we will mention all of them in the article given below. If you are facing any such issues do read the article till the end.

Overloading error:

When the message on the screen shows the errors mentioned above that means that the drum has been filled excessively which prevents the drum to move freely and the spinning is not properly.

To prevent these issues you need to be mindful of how many clothes are you throw in the washer and if the drum filled evenly or not. If the drum is too filled on either side there is a chance that both the drum is filled unevenly.

Hence you may need to fill the drum equally on either side to even the load. This will ensure that your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean.

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Excessive vibration:

Vibration is caused when the drum is filled excessively and is unable to spin properly. There are other reasons that may cause this issue as well such as the shipping bolt is still in place and the unit level is not functioning properly.

To prevent this issue, when you first get hold of your Samsung VRT washer make sure to remove the shipping bolt and ensure that it is in working order.

As far as the unit level is concerned that may be because of excessive load in the machine. Hence to prevent that load your machine only to the point where it can spin properly, such as not using heavy items.

Loosened screw underneath:

The machine drum has a screw underneath, when the screw becomes loose that can cause the drum and the machine to wobble and vibrate. Hence to remove this issue you may want to make sure that you find a way to tighten the screw. The screw is placed underneath the drum which means that the drum is removed and that locate the screw, once you have found it.

All you need to do is tighten it and make sure that you stop it from wobbling. After that, place the drum back and run a wash again and see if it runs well.

Malfunctioning pump:

Problem 1:

There can be several issues with the pump and all those need to be tested before any solution can be found. One of the major issues can be that the drain hose is not placed correctly and is below the washer cabinet. This issue can be resolved if you simply place an air gap in the drain hose and place it properly in the water cabinet.

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Problem 2:

The drain pump can sometimes cause the washing machine to stop working which means that the washer is still functioning but the water is unable to drain from the pump. To resolve this issue you will need to remove the drain pipe.

Remember when you remove the pipe there is water in the machine that will fall outside. Hence when removing the pipe make sure to place a pan underneath to ensure that the water doesn’t drain everywhere.

After that you need to make sure that you find the pump and move it with your hands, the rotation should be effortless. If there is some obstruction and the pump is not rotating properly then you will have to get it replaced.

Problem 3:

Problem 3 is very similar to problem 2 where the drainpipe is not functioning properly. That may be because something got stuck in the drain pipe. Hence when the water is not draining from the machine you should check the motor and the drain pipe.

If the motor is working fine and still there is no water being drained then you need to look into your drain pipe. There may be a blockage inside the drainpipe that may be causing this issue.

Hence to resolve this problem, remove the drain pipe from the machine and run a stream of water through it. That may help remove the blockage. Once removed place it back on the machine and run an empty cycle to see if the water drains.

Door latch malfunction:

The door latch on the machine can also sometimes get damaged and cause such issues. To prevent this problem carefully inspect the door latch. If there are any issues with the door latch you will not be able to repair it. And your only solution to the problem would be to replace the door latch.

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Damaged spinner:

It is possible that your machine may start causing issues if the spinner is damaged. The spinner can have a space garment stuck on it as it is placed at the backside of the drum. Hence you should also check for issues with the spinner. If the spinner has a problem and is broken or damaged then you may have to call in a technician to resolve this issue.


All of these issues can be solved without hiring a technician yet you may end up running into some issues that may require the assistance of a technician to resolve. Better yet if you have a warranty your problem will be solved with much ease as the manufacturer will take care of the issues.

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