Why Frigidaire Dishwasher Is Not Draining

The Frigidaire dishwashers are one of the most durable and handiest devices that will make your dishwashing experience amazing as long as it works well. Sometimes even the best of devices can have some troubles.

Hence there is a chance that the Frigidaire dishwasher is not draining due to some reasons and problems that might be inside the device. To fight this issue we have some solutions for you. Hopefully, we can guide you to find a solution that will remove the issue.

Why Frigidaire dishwasher is not draining:

Let’s look at some of the problems and their solutions. These solutions can be performed by yourself at home, however, some of them may need some help from a technician or a licensed professional.

  • Twisted drainage hose pipe
  • Debris in the drainage hose pipe
  • Valves and balls malfunction
  • Pump and motor malfunction
  • Garbage disposer malfunction
  • Unremoved solid plug

All of these issues can cause the dishwasher to not drain properly. Hence we will look at all these issues and try to resolve them as we move forward.

Twisted drainage hose pipe:

The drainage hose pipe is responsible for draining the water from the dishwater, however, if it is twisted or kinked it will not be able to do the job. Hence you need to make sure that the drainage hose pipe is not kinked from any particular area. For that, you will need to get inside the back of the dishwasher and find the drainpipe.

It is very easy to locate and you can very easily also find where the kink may be. Once you have located the kink, you can twist it around or replace it in a way that it has a smooth shape and doesn’t twist.

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Debris in the drainage hose pipe:

The drainage hose pipe can have trouble discarding the dirty water if there is debris in it. So to make sure it gets rid of the dirty water you may want to make sure that the pipe is clean from the inside.

To make this work you will have to remove the pipe and run fast water through it. That will get rid of the clogging debris and also clean it. You can also use lemon-infused hot water and run it through the pipe which will also help get rid of the debris.

Valves and balls malfunction:

Valves and check ball’s main function is to ensure that the water doesn’t move back into the dishwasher. To ensure this the valves and the ball function in coordination to keep the dishwasher clean.

There are two valves in the dishwasher, the first one is the inlet valve and the second one is the outlet valve. The inlet and outlet valve ensures that the water inflows and outflows the dishwasher easily. To make sure they are working in perfect order you will have to disassemble the machine and find the valves.

Once the valves have been located see if there are any debris or food particles stuck on the valves. Also, see if the valve motor is functioning properly. If it isn’t and the movement of the valves is not smooth then you may need to replace the valves unit. The check ball can get stuck in the drainage system if you cannot get it out find a technician who knows how to do it.

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Pump and motor malfunction:

The pump and the motor in the dishwasher run the impeller that allows the water to pass through the valves. If the impeller gets dirty with debris you will have to clean it. Also when you are working on this issue you can run a check on the pump and the motor as well. You should remove the pump and check the motor.

Make sure that the valves and the impellers are able to move freely without any obstruction. If that is not the case then you may have to get the pump and the impeller unit replaced. The motor and the pump work together to make this function smooth and you need to ensure you check both before assembling it back. Ensure that it works properly otherwise you will need to get this replaced.

Garbage disposal malfunction:

A garbage disposer is a part that removes all the food particles and debris from your dishwasher. However, if it gets clogged it will not be able to dispose of the debris. Hence if your dishwasher is not draining properly you need to run a check on the garbage disposal malfunctioning.

So remove the drainage hose pipe and find the garbage disposal unit. Once you have located it clean it properly and unclog it to make sure that the garbage stuck inside is disposed of and you can put back the drainage hose pipe.

Unremoved solid plug:

A solid plug is what keeps your hose pipe clean before it arrives at your place. The manufacturers put it in there so that the machine remains clean and safe. However, before using the machine the solid plug needs to be removed for the proper flow of water and debris from the hose pipe.

Hence when starting up the dishwasher always make sure to run through the user manual and make sure that you have done everything mentioned, which includes removal of the solid plug.

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Before doing any of these tests, see that if you have a warranty for the dishwasher that will help you a lot as the manufacturer will take care of the issues you are facing. And if you do not have a warranty it is still best practice to first call the company’s helpline to see if they can help you figure out the problem.

Sometimes they can even send in a technician to resolve the problem. Either way, you now know what could be the cause of the Frigidaire dishwasher not draining and you can look into these issues yourself. Once you have the issue figured out you can easily hire someone to resolve it.

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