Why is my LG Refrigerator Ice maker not working?

Need a cold drink in the summer to cool yourself down but the ice maker isn’t working. These kinds of issues can be resolved with a little bit of knowledge about how ice makers in refrigerators work these days.

And since ice makers have become a mandatory part of all refrigerators, it’s best to know how to resolve the minor ice maker problems yourself. Instead of hiring a professional to work on the non-technical issues our article will help you quickly resolve the problems you are facing with your LG Refrigerator ice maker.

Why is my LG Refrigerator Ice maker not working?

Fixing an LG refrigerator ice maker:

Some of the common problems that you may face with the LG refrigerator ice maker will be listed down below. We will also go ahead and mention methods on how to remove these problems yourself. Most refrigerator ice makers do not require the help of a technical support provider.

Ice Maker turned off:

Sometimes the ice maker itself can be turned off. It is often an overlooked issue when it comes to a malfunctioning ice maker. LG refrigerators come with an On/Off switch on the ice maker itself. Sometimes during shifting or moving things around the Ice maker switch can get turned off. Hence it’s best to make sure that your ice maker’s switch is turned on and that the arm of the ice maker is downwards.

Generally, when you turn the ice maker on, it takes 24 hours for the ice to be produced. If the ice is not produced in the 24 hours of being turned on then you should reset the ice maker. Resetting the ice maker is a very simple and easy thing.

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You just need to locate the reset button underneath the on/off switch and then hold it for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the ice bucket will move to remove the water or ice and it will be reset. Then you can expect to see a fresh batch of ice ready for you in the next 24 hours.

Refrigerator temperature issues:

Making sure that your refrigerator is set on an ideal temperature to be able to freeze the ice is very important. Most times people are unaware of setting the temperature of the refrigerator correctly. Hence do check the instructions manual to ensure that you have the temperature set to the right temperature that will be able to achieve the desired results.

Naturally, the specific temperature of the refrigerator will depend on the specific settings of the model of LG you own. The general rule of thumb is that the temperature should be set at 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence do revisit the temperature of the refrigerator to ensure it is low enough to actually freeze the ice.

Also, ensure that the temperature is not too low so that the arm of the ice maker has trouble moving. Hence keep it at 4 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure that both the functions perform perfectly. The ice maker can freeze ice and make sure that the arm is able to move and perform the dumping motion to provide you with the ice.

Problems with water supply:

What you may not realize, is that there can be a number of problems with the water supply of the ice maker that can also cause a hindrance in producing ice. Hence when looking at the issues with the ice maker of the LG refrigerator you must consider the flow of water from the hose at the back of the refrigerator.

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Let us walk you through some of the issues that might be causing the ice maker to not work properly.

Water Filter clogging:

Clogging of the water filter can be a reason why your ice maker may not be producing ice. As the water filter ensures that clean water is provided to the ice maker for producing ice. If the water filet is clogged the ice maker may not get enough water to make the ice. Hence when faced with ice maker issues you always must check all the components that play a part in producing the ice.

Waterline bending:

The water hose that is attached to the back of the LG refrigerator can get bent or kinked. This is a reason that may be causing the supply of water to not be enough to actually freeze into ice. Hence when setting up the refrigerator find a place where the water pipe does not bend and can supply the refrigerator with ample water. This will ensure that the water is collected in the ice maker and frozen in time for you to use it. The pipe’s length and the hose need to be placed in an open and neat way so that water flows properly.

Water fill tube blockage:

Sometimes the water fill tube can get overexposed to cold air and get residue frozen bits inside the tube. This causes the tube to become blocked and the water doesn’t fill inside the ice maker. Hence when checking the reasons for the ice maker not working make sure to look into the ice fill tube as well. And a simple hack to remove the frozen blockages is to use a hairdryer on the water fill tube and make sure the frozen ice melts.

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Defective inlet:

An inlet valve is an important part of the assembly in the LG refrigerator’s ice maker unit. The valve ensures the flow of water to the ice maker. If the valve is defective the ice maker may not be getting ample water. Hence in order to fix this issue, you will need to replace this part and place a new inlet valve in the LG Refrigerator ice maker.


All these issues are easy to be resolved by anyone who has some knowledge of how the refrigerator works. Now all you need to do is find the reason that may be causing the ice maker to not work. Once you locate the issue you won’t even need to hire a service to repair the issue.

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