Why Is The Samsung Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice

Want to beat the heat with some ice your Samsung ice maker is not dumping ice, yeah that can put a damper on the mood. But luckily for you, we have some cool tips and tricks that will assist you in figuring out the problem.

Samsung refrigerators are the most modern devices and they come with some of the best ice-making units. However, that does not mean that you will not run into occasional trouble with the Samsung ice makers. Sometimes everything is working fine but the ice makers stop dumping ice.

That does not mean that the ice is not being produced. It simply means you need to troubleshoot your Samsung ice maker to ensure that the assembly is working perfectly. So let us find out what are some of the reasons why the Samsung ice maker is not dumping ice?

Samsung ice maker not dumping ice reasons:

There are some reasons why this could be happening and before we launch into full detail of all of them and give you solutions to fix this problem. Allow us to enlist them here and let you experiment with your refrigerator to find the actual cause yourself before you call in the help of a technician.

  • Child lock
  • Ice tray malfunction
  • Water pressure
  • Ice maker malfunction
  • Cooling fan malfunction
  • Dispenser malfunction

All of these issues can be the reason behind your Samsung ice maker not dumping ice. However, there can be other issues as well if these problems are not there and they all seem to be working fine then there may be time to call the Samsung helpline and see what they have to say about that. But before that let us see if we can resolve the issue ourselves.

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Child lock:

The Samsung ice makers do come with a child lock and someone who has just bought it may not be aware of this. Hence it is best to first sift through the user manual as such details are definitely mentioned there. Anyway if you do find that the child lock is in place that may be causing the ice to not dump.

All you have to do is press the child lock button for three seconds and you will hear a chime sound. This means that the ice maker dumping problem has been resolved.

Ice tray malfunction:

Ice tray malfunction is a very common problem. You see if the water flow is excessive in the tray and the ice clumped together rather than being individual pieces you may face this issue. Hence if your ice is not dumping it’s best to quickly check and see if the ice is clumped.

This can be done by simply pulling the tray outward and seeing the condition of the ice. If clumping seems to be happening then remove the tray and ice from it and refill and place it back.

Water pressure:

As mentioned above clumping can be an issue that can result from excessive water flow. For this, you may need to check your assembly line. For instance, this could be happening if the valve is not functioning properly or the valve motor is not supporting the function properly.

See the motor and valve help ensure that only a certain amount of water is passed through to the ice tray. If the valve is malfunctioning you may experience this issue. In this case, you may need the help of a technician or you can get the valve or the motor replaced.

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Ice maker malfunction:

To see if the ice maker itself is in proper working condition you should conduct a test run. This will rule out any issues with the ice maker. The ice maker has a test run button placed on it either on the side or the bottom. Once you have located it just press it for three seconds and you will know if it is working properly.

If the ice maker has no functional problems you will hear the motor running and the water in the ice tray being dispensed or being dumped. For that, you may want to place a tray underneath to prevent any spillage.

Ice dispenser malfunction:

Sometimes the ice dispenser can have issues in the assembly that can prevent it from dumping ice. Hence to check this problem you should see if the ice dispenser is open or not. An open ice dispenser will not be able to deliver ice. Hence place it tray and the dispensing unit inside the fridge properly.

After that, you can conduct a small test run to ensure that the ice is being dispensed. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem and you think that there is an issue with the dispenser then you should call a technician to have a look at it.


Before running any of these tests make sure that you have the right safety gear on so you do not get electrocuted. Furthermore before calling in a technician always call in the Samsung helpline and see what they have to say about it.

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There is a good chance that they might send in someone to take a look at your fridge and help you figure out the cause of the problem.

Also if you have a warranty this whole problem can go away very easily as you can redeem your warranty card and get the issue fixed by the manufacturer themselves. If not then do not worry as there are many technicians who are able to resolve such small problems fairly quickly.

So do run these tests and try to first figure out the issue yourself and if there doesn’t seem to be any logical answer as to why this problem is occurring you know what to do, call the manufacturer first and then see if it can be fixed by a technician if the manufacturer does not provide support.

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